10 Hidden Facebook Messenger Tips Need To Know


Most of the apps have some hidden features. Facebook‘s Messenger app has some shocking hidden features. Let’s talk about 10 hidden Facebook Messenger tips need to know.


Create your own chatbot:

You possibly previously know that you can talk to a Facebook chatbot. You need a facebook page. Create a facebook page then go to the page’s Settings it’s on the top left if you using a desktop computer and choose Messaging. Then, go top to bottom then you see Response Assistant and click on Send Instant Replies to anyone who messages your Page. Now you can set up what your bot will reply when people send you a message.

To stop this from occurring, I’ve got an idea to bookmark your messages. Open Facebook Messenger and the Long touch on the person icon it situated on left side of the screen. Now Tap to Create Shortcut. A shortcut to the discussion you’re having with that user will be added to your phone home screen. When the discussion is completed, remove the shortcut the same process you would delete an app shortcut.

Get your buddies in easy reach:

This is more a better process to get your friend handy. Just follow some few actions and an icon will be created on your phone home screen. You can easily start a chat with your friend without opening Facebook Messenger.

Make a short video:

Alternately of sending a photo, send a clip. Just long press the shutter button then it will record whatever you want to record with the camera. When you’re finished, then go to the shutter button and click the Send button. Your videos duration is up to 15 seconds long. You can make your video more attractive by using the filter, font and drawing tools at the head of the screen before you tab sends button.

Customize your chats:

If your style is not a thumbs-up, you can replace your like button to another button what you want. To do this go to a chat and click the circle with an “i” in it. Then, touch on the Emoji option. A pop up will come with a difference of emojis you can use alternately of the regular thumbs-up. Modify it in all conversation so the emoji will fit the user you’re messaging. For example, my daughter loves the smiling poop, so you can set her emoji on Messenger.


Play a game:

If you’re looking for some entertainment like games. while in a conversation you can find the plus icon tap on it, then tap the Game icon. You can wish to challenge your friend to few of the games. Both players find score because Messenger will keep score.

Share your Messenger code:

Every Facebook Messenger user has its own QR code that can be shared with friends. If you sharing the QR code they will add you to their contacts list. when you scan their code, automatically add them to yours, too.

Save photos:

Now automatically save photos to your phone. whenever someone sends you a photo. Tap on your icon Then, tap on Photos & Media. Now toggle switch next to Save Photos.

Message requests:

Now user can find hidden message requests. When a user who is not your friend sending you a message, it’s put in message request.

Secret conversation:

Now users can be doing secret conversation. The conversation totally encryption to keep your message secret.