The Mistakes We Make Online


Ten years ago, there was not so much of Internet users worldwide. The extent and quantity of Internet usage were limited. So in those days, everyone who knew how to use the Internet, all of them thought very smartly. But that day is out today. People from all walks of life are now using the Internet. But most people are using the Internet without the primary education of technology, especially online. So internet access is no longer smartness. Instead, it is possible to prove themselves ‘unsatisfied’ quickly by using online mistakes and making mistakes online.

The exciting thing is that these mistakes are made online only by the so-called illiterate or illiterate people, but it is a complete misconception. Many educated educators, even those who are well-educated, may have made many mistakes due to the lack of adequate knowledge of online. This is a few common mistakes that we all make about in this article, which we almost all do.

Believe In Internet Fate

Finding people who have not received millions of dollars worth of dollars winning a false lottery. Some emails arrive in our inbox a few days later, and many of us feel very excited to think that they are genuinely true. We are so frustrated with the huge amount of money we get that we have lost our knowledge. This simple matter does not come to our head that “I did not take part in any lottery, how was I chosen for the award!” More frightening is the fact that by entering such mail, we will inform them of their own secret information, even bank detectives. As a result, the increase in the risk of hacking our bank accounts.

But being aware of it is possible to get rid of such online fraud. All we have to do is open a new browser or tab instead of clicking on the link provided in the mail. Then the name of the company that came in the name of the name, as well as the word ‘scam or’ review ‘will be given the search. The probability is very strong that before any other internet user has already written a complaint about the company’s name and wrote it online. So there is no other question of trapping that false company’s page.

But sometimes it may be that the mail from whom it came to us seems to be real to us. Or there is no charge with Google in its name. In that case, we can enter LinkedIn and then search the name of the person or company name. The Family Tree Now website is also very helpful in finding information about a person.

Do Not Give Importance To Security

Many of us do not care too much about ensuring our safety online, avoiding it. For example: Although there is two-factor authentication on a website, many do not use it. Our reasoning behind this is that if we use this new device or browser to access that account, we need to pass an additional step, or set a new password.

It is true that it is time-consuming to set an extra step or set a new password. But believe that, even though it takes a while, the benefits of this feature are much more. By doing this, it is possible to downgrade our account to zero.

Take Part In Various Entertainment Quiz

“Know what you were in previous years” or “see what your future spouse will look like” quizzes often come to our social media newsfeed, and naturally we are tempted to take part in these quizzes. We know very well that these are not true at all. But for the sake of instant enjoyment, we click on these quiz links. I think, “What will be more innocent entertainment!”

But not the matter is not harmless at all. Rather, through this, we give much secret information on our social media to these third-party applications, which they sell again to different advertisers at a high price. The matter is very simple. When we are participating in these quizzes, they are asking us whether they will accept the information contained in our Facebook profile. We agree to it, so they are making a new profile of their data through their application. So, because of our secret information leakage, Facebook is not as much liability, we have more responsibility than ourselves.

Use Simple Or Predictable Passwords

A common problem for almost all of us is, we can not remember our password. In fact, we often have to open accounts on new websites, and naturally, it is not possible to remember all passwords. So, what we do is, we will set a simple password such as ‘123456’, ‘abcd1234’, ‘password’ and so on. Many people also give the same password to all the websites. As a result of this hacker, it is easy to hack all the accounts.

There are two ways to get rid of such problems. First, we can use a free password generator online. There may have been a password called ‘p6Us9temWz ​​# B’, which would not be possible for any other person to guess. And secondly, such password as we cannot remember ourselves, so we can use a safe and reliable password manager, where all our account passwords are securely stored.

Public WiFi

If you can use WiFi to Muffy or lose that opportunity! So wherever we get access to free WiFi, we take advantage of that opportunity. But by using public WiFi, there is a danger of breaking our privacy, the device used can also be attacked.

The easiest way to get rid of this is to use a premium VPN (Virtual Private Network). VPN creates encrypted connections for every user with a secure server, which can be used to hide the Internet. VPN has been used in large businesses for a long time, and since security is now a big question, there is a growing tendency to use VPNs for personal work.

Fight With Someone Online

None of us like to lose Whether it’s offline or online. Whenever someone goes against us, we want to overcome them by trying our best. But when a stranger starts fighting online, in most cases it no longer limited to healthy competition. Once it reached the individual level, and the fight resulted in a waste of precious time, and all the attention spent in that fight.

But is there any benefit to fighting with someone online, except for the peace of mind? But at the same time, the war reached such a level of dirt that even after winning it there was no peace, but there was constant turmoil in mind. So, we should never give much importance to these online battles. We can change their mentality by fighting someone online, the probability is very low. What is the benefit of this, through unnecessary self-restraint of life?

Talk To Each Moment With Status

Another bad habit of ours, which can put us in danger in the future, is: When we are talking about where we are going, all these things are going to be shared with everyone. Yes, we love ourselves, and we want to tell the world about our joy. But we are not calling ourselves the dangers themselves?

Suppose, while you were traveling on a tour, he told everyone with the news location status. There is now no one in your house knowing through a thief who has followed you for a long time. So she effortlessly made your empty house vacant in your absence.

The above example may seem unthinkable to many. But everyone will have advice, rather than immediately informing everyone about the information on the life of the person, after a little while, tell everything after the end. This will avoid any untoward incidents.

Make Your Own Medicine By Taking Information Online

Well, I’ve been coughing for the last eight months. I searched online to find out the symptoms of this disease and discovered that I was suffering from pneumonia, tuberculosis, lung cancer, cardiovascular disease, acidity, and bronchitis. Because the symptoms of all the diseases that exist between me And so I became terrified.

No, this is not a joke. Knowing the various diseases online, finding out the similarity with them the nature of terrified by many of us. Again, the opposite image sees in many cases. Someone may be really sick, but on the other hand, he found that his symptoms did not match with the symptoms of a disease. So he was sitting safely at home.

These two things are very harmful. To make us aware of the various diseases and medical articles written online. And they  also mention in that, “If you have a similar problem with you, then consult a doctor immediately.” That is, those articles never claim to be 100 percent perfect. So we should never have to rely solely on articles received online. If a doctor’s degree was done only after reading some articles, then a medical student would not have passed the sweat of the head and did not want to pass an MBBS course year after year. So it is okay to become aware of the fall of the article online, but in any physical problem, we must be approached by the actual physician.