You Should know About The New Google Pay App


Recently, Google releases a new application, Google Pay for Android. The new google play created to let you pay for something and buying via your smartphone. But that’s just the start; Google has enhanced plans for Pay down the street. Let’s check out everything you need to know about the new Google play app.

Android Pay and Google Wallet:

Google Pay perform the fusion of these two previously separate apps. Android Pay was Google’s straight reaction to Apple Pay, allowing users to pay for buy goods and services. Google Wallet received a page from Venmo in suggesting peer-to-peer prices. Google Pay will handle android pay and google wallet functions.

If Google Pay organize Google Wallet, why does Google Pay Send even subsist? Because those peer-to-peer payment abilities aren’t really available in Google Pay — and won’t be for the next few months. Send simply gives Google Wallet a Google Pay branding.

what does Google Pay do right now?

Now, it’s actually simply a lightly developed version of Android Pay. There are two options Home and Cards. The Home screen shows new purchases, nearby stores that allow Google Pay. You can manage the app to buy things, same as you use before Android Pay. The Cards screen lists any and all credit/debit cards you’ve attached, gift cards and even PayPal and Visa Checkout.

What’s coming?

As seen before, in the previous months, US and UK users will be capable to transfer money Venmo-style. Google will also attach more cities for transit payments. Google make Pay available via other Google apps, namely Chrome and Assistant.