Why We Need Friends?


‘Friend’ is such a word that is involved in many emotions, love, reliance. Friends are a vital part of everyone’s life. Not only man but also for the whole creature. The creature could not survive without a friend. Our ecosystem is a kind of friendship. Pay-to-back Match When the entire being is locked in bond, then the question of living without a friend is not raised. Friends, why do we need this question? Today this question will be a little dissection in this article.

Friends are an integral part of our lives. They help us stay mentally healthy, reduce the risk of heart disease. Because of the friend, we have the hope of surviving. They increase our nervous tension; Surely, in a positive sense! It will be a lot of harm if we suffer from this nervous tension.

Friends play another vital role in our lives. Let’s know.

Feel free to reveal yourself

Friends accept us like us. Friendship is such a relationship, where we do not need to hide. We feel free to express ourselves. Friends know us well and never complain about our good aspects, bad aspects, guilt, emotion, and pleasure. They do not have to be ashamed of them for a big mistake.

Friends teach to believe

The lesson we learn from a friend is that the education of faith is Friends show us to think. The story can be open to a friend. Without a doubt, we can tell them all the secrets of the mind. The promise to hide secret words is not to be taken in thousands. Everyone has an unknown belief and faith working on a friend. We know that friends will not disrespect us; Do not cheat others as well.

We are not alone because we have friends

Life means happiness and sorrow mixed. Hopefully, it will be wrong every day or bad every day, and it is a big mistake. But if the right time does not increase joy and the burden of sorrow in the bad times, they would have been easy to walk this ‘friend’ way? Not at all. So, we need friends and friends very soon in two moments of joy and trouble. Even if you do not have a friend, you can calm down your voice from the side of the phone. If we did not have a friend, we would have lost a world of despair. There was no joy in life.

Friends help to express our emotions

At present we live a lot of mechanical life. Feelings are almost lost in our hearts to keep the emotions under control. But for the benefit of the friend, we still live in the human race. A friend is the only man, in front of which we can cry freely, we can openly cry. Because we know that friends will not enjoy or feel disturbed by our suffering. They do not curl frown after unexpected emotions. Rather understand my pain; Try to reduce it.

Most importantly, let’s express feelings openly

Friendship teaches us to be grateful

We can not always make the right decisions; we can not choose the right people. Our friends help us to do these essential tasks properly. Many advances in the life of many ups and downs, they keep our life-force alive. So we should always be grateful to the friend. And we should be thankful to them when friends are essential to us as we are.

Friendship is beyond judgment

We are not above the fault. The quality is the same as every person has. Friends ignore those blunders. They never leave us because of our failures, in the field, maybe try to correct the blame. Instead, they accept both of our fault and quality with similar kindness and love. They never feel how much of our fault or how much we are worthless! They only know how to exchange love.

Without fear, we can accept the blame

It has been said a little earlier than we are not above the fault. But there is a lot of courage needed to confess. Many brave people also suffer from occasional frustration. But a man of a feeble mind can accept his fault in front of a friend. We do not have to think about this man only, “I do not understand the mistake! Do not leave me! “This is the greatness of friendship.

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Friendship teaches honesty

Friends teach us the most excellent quality, teach virtue. From a friend, we can learn how minor fables become a severe matter, about one. And when two people are together, thinking similarly, how nonsense these falsehoods are. Because friendship is beyond all kinds of judgments, we do not need to hide unnecessarily. There is no need to lie because of no reason. Because these falsehoods are easily detected and only increase the bitterness of the relationship. There is no benefit.

Friendship makes us forgiven

We also love the beautiful quality of forgiveness from our friends. We know that people are just wrong. No man is perfect or perfect. We all do, but those mistakes are only hidden in friendship and love. If we use bad things for no reason, the friend is not angry with us. They understand that we are in trouble. They know, we need them very much right now. In our worst times, despite our bitter cold and cold water, we stand as a bamboo pillar and stand beside us that he is the friend.

Friends teach us to laugh and laugh

Talking of reason and absurd laughing Every day, there is no time to argue or work from the heart of the competition, so that the next day’s competitive life will be fueled. Friends are the lamp of our life, which also spreads light through tame times. No matter how bad your mind is; A 10-minute chat with a friend will lighten up all your problems, thoughts, turmoil, and annoyance. You’ll get back in 10 minutes.

So do not be stupidWhy to tell dear friends, how much you love him. Celebrate friendship, every day, every time.