Facebook Introduces A New Dating Feature


Dating Feature:

New things coming on Facebook are coming up, and that is the new dating feature. Mark Zuckerberg said, In San Jose, California about a new feature at an F8 developers conference. This feature will not be visible to everyone, only visible to non-friends who like to do dating. It will choose people to create a dating profile. In the next year, this feature will start testing. Mark said his listener that the feature making would take security problems in mind and would release as soon as possible. The company is not interested in any other data scandal after Cambridge Analytica.

Mark Zuckerberg spoke with many other people whose relationships have created through Facebook. Mark said that through Facebook who met each other and that relationship eventually became a marriage. But 200 million Facebook users said they are still single. That’s why Mark Zuckerberg decide this new feature will come. And it will be complete even though we are committed to building a meaningful relationship. This app will recommend by those who are base on the possible match, dating preferences, general topics and persistent friends.

How Will It Work:

You can make a profile just your first name. Nobody can see your profile unless he is a user of the dating feature. You can browse according to your preference for any city and group of people. And also you can select to unlock one for dating. You can also see people who unlocked in your city. IF other users show some images and their basic information, then you can browse their profile through it. If both of you are interested, then you can start the conversation that will be completely separate from Facebook and Whatsapp only for the safety. After Cambridge Analytica Mark decided this new dating feature. This is helpful for individual data security. Zuckerberg said, he is most magisterial of this new feature, which fully encrypted network.