Facebook’s News Feed Change 2018


Facebook’s Newsfeed change

now its time for some personal posts. sound like genuine posts. Facebook wants to create a better user experience. they want to create a better user experience.

But this leaves media professionals worried. Facebook is a critical tool for publishers. Facebook wants to make the platform better.  Because they want to, make facebook uses more valuable.  Zuckerberg reporting on Facebook’s profile.

rather using facebook they want to make it more valuable. for publishers, sponsored content was the blessing. publishers rely on social sites like Facebook for advertising.

However, publishers now can do not proceed with the same actions. To win in a shifting social media environment. publishers will seek to mitigate their dependence on Facebook. to generate an audience.  traffic will now decrease.

This dip in traffic will no doubt taper over time.  users will still seek a solution to discover and consume publisher content.  if Facebook is not it. Publishers will get down on their operated properties.  Ensuring that they are creating the best user experience.  the destinations they can actually control. Dedicated to featuring cover story content. Highline also has great site design.

When it comes to content monetization. publishers must invent their advertising strategies as well. It’s no shock that the ‘active engagement’. trend influencing Facebook’s
News Feed.  publishers will begin to reposition themselves.

as technology companies.  publishers that lean into more emerging forms of content and storytelling will not only win audiences. more ad dollars that will be shifting away from Facebook.