Facebook’s New Feature Facial Recognition


Facebook wants to make sure control peoples photos. If someone uploads your photo but don’t tag you this feature will send you a notification. Facebook released a new feature facial recognition called Photo Review. This new feature will send an alert when people upload your photo. The feature should give people trust that there aren’t photos of them floating around Facebook that they can view it. It could also help thwart acting. This feature has no methods to use facial recognition to improve ad targeting sorting.


If someone uploads your photo as his/her profile photo, you’ll regularly be notified. For other images, you’ll only get a notification if you’re in the audience for that photo so as to guard the uploader’s privacy and facebook not alert you. A Photo Review segment of the profile all your untagged but recognized photos will keep track. Nipun Mather is a product manager of Facebook’s applied machine learning. He said that the feature was made to give users more control, make Facebook safer, and many more.


Facebook is the method of attaching a dedicated button to every account. This will use to mean whether or not you want Facebook to use this feature on your facebook account. The process is very simple Yes or No. The problem is, not available for everyone yet.

On Your Smartphone:

You need the Facebook app and then open it. Tap on the overflow button. Then go to Settings then Account Settings. Now tap on the Timeline and Tagging. You can see an option for face recognition you see two option, Yes and No then select No.

On Your Desktop/Laptop:

Open your browser and go to facebook. Now click the down arrow in the top-right corner. Then go to Settings and settings page opened. Then click on Face Recognition now select what you want.