Meet Twitter New Features 2019


Twitter’s new style is rolling resolute its users, and you’ll now not be in fetters to the chains of its company blue-and-white combination. After trying out new layouts, the social networking platform has finally given America additional ways to look at its cover version for desktop computers. The new Twitter look helps you to amendment the background color and font size and colors. Twitter told America it’s exploring the choice of the original color layouts on mobile. Along with these new color choices may be a new layout that is additional in line with the Twitter app for phones. For example, you will see a sidebar on the left that shows the house, Notifications, Messages, Profile buttons, and different functions.

Twitter DWH 3

To access the new options, you’ll have to change from your previous Twitter to the new Twitter look. Keep in mind that Twitter remains to roll out the latest opportunities, therefore keep checking back if you do not see it directly.

How To Get That New Twitter Look:

1. the primary issue you will need to try and do exchanges to the new layout by clicking on your settings and choosing to seek the new Twitter.
2. Your entire Twitter layout can modification, and your settings menu is going to be captive to the left. Click the three dots that say More.
3. Click Display.

Twitter DWH 2

More Of What’s Happening:

It has brought over Explore to bring the same great content found in apps. Get context with profile info among conversations and consider your prime Trends in any read. Therefore, you ne’er miss what is happening.

Easy Access To Your Favorite Features:

Profile, Lists, and your Bookmarks are right up overlooking and have their own local on the side navigation, making it faster and easier to jump between different tabs.

Direct Messages All In One Place:

Direct Messages have extended so you can see your conversations and send messages all from the same view. Now there’s less scrap switching between screens to send a message.

Login, Logout Struggle No More:

Whether you have one profile or several. Now you’re also capable of switching between accounts quicker, directly from the side navigation; your stan and cat meme accounts thank you.

Make It Yours:

The love is original for dark mode themes Dim and Lights Out. You’ve asked for even additional ways to alter Twitter. Therefore, we’re transportation you completely different themes and color choices, alongside two options for dark mode.