List Of Best Mac Games



FTL falls in the most excellent games for the Mac series. It is all about traveling deep in space and pursues as much as you can. Every level has something fresh and exciting, which is the primary fascination of this game. Every level is very notable. You might not stay alive for an overlong time when playing for the first time, but don’t distress as you will start earning more points later.

The Banner Saga

Banner Saga is also one of the excellent and captivating best games for the MAC. This game takes measures the real-time experience where you will be playing the character of a caravan of exiles whose job is to search for shield and resources by traveling and visiting different towns. The exchange and conversation of the expatriates shown with excellent visuals and music. Overall, this game is so fun, and you’ll spend some attribute time playing it.

Civilization V

Civilization V is the last version of Mac civilization games that came up to bring under control the play world with its exciting features and expansion. This game looks marvelous with easy flew and easy navigation of information. Gods & Kings and Brave New planet are the two new expansions that serve an enthralling experience. Civilization V is one of the excellent strategy games on the MAC app store.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is an exciting game for all those who like dares. This game is concerning shooters where you will get a chance to ride a tank or pilot a big robot, but you can do many other accessories. You will always be able to fun something else new such as to select a new team to be played with, start a new match, refuse hostages or defuse the bomb. When you start playing, this time will be running.

Tomb Raider

It is one of the superb games on the OS app store, and if you love adventure, this one is for you. This game spectacle how the brave and young lady Lara Croft survives on a strange island. She researches the full island, which is breathtaking and acquires to survive there gradually by using nothing but her instinct. Also, she needs to go through several fights to survive on the island.

Total war: Shogun 2

Total war shogun 2 is much better than the previous version of total war where you will be able to engage in the war in a way that will make you feel you have landed in the battlefield in real-life. It will create a look that will start floating in front of the eyes. This game lets you experience the kind of experience that was being experienced by the daimyo and samurai soldiers. So, if you need to experience all that, download this game and pass-through it from today. This game also deliberated as one of the best MAC games.

Gone home

It’s a game where you will find a chance to go back to your childhood days. Gone home is about playing the character of a child who will return home to see all the things that are missing. You will have to search the items by wandering from room to room and connect with various objects. There are many other directions to enjoy the game that will make the experience memorable.

BioShock Infinite

BioShock Infinite is another excellent MAC game, which is as good as its old version. There are few mismatches in this series where you will be taking to the sky through the hovering Columbia city in the form of an ex-Pinkerton agent to find out an imprisoned woman. Every level is fantastic and makes the game interesting.

So, some of the greatest games for the MAC listed above. You can download them from the OS app store by paying the required fees.