The Beginning Way Of Facebook Journey



The name ‘Facebook’ was originally a picture list of students housed in every house in Harvard. Students have long been demanding the authorities to create an online version of Facebook. So that they can see the profile of everyone.

But Harvard repeatedly did not fulfil the claim with the assurance. Students knew that this was not so difficult. Because Friendster, MySpace, like the medium of communication, came to the internet.


Mark himself used Friendster. He also thought of borrowing several Idea from Friendster on his newly registered site. Friendster was originally a dating website. Users could find friends from their mutual friends.

An article was published in Harvard magazine ‘Crimson’. There was also guidance on how to make online as well as how it should be. Students give special emphasis on giving their pictures and information on their own profile in their own profile.

When everyone at the campus was busy giving these claims to the authorities, Mark then planned to make a social media himself. He did not want to lose the opportunity to show the thumb of the authorities. Crimson’s article came in handy for quite some time. His ‘The Facebook’ appeared with the help of the students to create their own profile and join others like Friendster.


Zuckerberg also inspired another program. In those days, a messaging service called AIM became very popular. If there was no online, there were options to show a few lines of messages in his profile. Users there used to impress their creativity. Someone wrote a small poetic writing or a comedic message; someone again wrote political messages.

Hosting of Facebook

Previously created websites from Mark hosted from all their personal laptops. He used to run the Harvard network using them. But he wanted to keep ‘The Facebook’ out of Harvard. So he took advantage of a computer server for a monthly $ 85 dollars from a hosting company named

The website originally started to give Harvard’s children the opportunity to share information among themselves. Boys and girls can easily know what’s going on in education. It was brand new, and not just for finding friends for dating like others, but also facilitating general communication.

Zuckerberg’s chances of possessing the possibility that it might become something bigger at one time. That’s why he had contracted with his classmate Eduardo Saverin. Saverin was aware of trade and business. Mark invited him to invest in Facebook. If Facebook is successful, then it is given the responsibility to find out how to make it financially beneficial. They both invested 1,000 dollars on Facebook.

On February 4, 2004, Mark Zuckerberg clicked on the link of his management dot com. ‘The Facebook’ became alive online He registered as the number four user. The first three accounts were for examination. The website, with its roommate Hughes at number five, started his journey with number 6 Suvor-Mate Moskovic and Severin at number 7.

The logo for Facebook

His friend Andrew McCallum designed a logo for Facebook. It is a photo taken by Al Pacino from the Internet and it made covering the binary digit ‘One and Zero’ clouds. Its first logo. Then started the campaign.

Mark’s attendance at Harvard, on the mail of three hundred students of Kirkland House, has been invited to join Facebook. It begins to spread, which continues today.

Harvard and Facebook

In four days, 650 students joined Facebook. More than 300 accounts opened in the next two days. Soon, at Harvard’s eating table, Mark became the subject of discussion for everyone on the square. They could not stop using it so that. Harvard’s half-student became a Facebook user until one week passed. Many former students and officials also involved.

The Facebook profile of that time could also include information such as pictures, relation status, favorite book, movie list and any of the clubs. Besides, information about his political views, genders, and contacts could have been added. Adding more to the list of who took the course, it inspired a popular project ‘Course-match’ before Zuckerberg.

From the very beginning, Zuckerberg took the issue of privacy seriously. To open an account, it was necessary to use’s email address. It was necessary to name the real name too. In the era of a pseudonym on the Internet, it makes Facebook completely different. Who could see the information of who could control? Instead of ‘Friends / Friends of Friends / Public’, it was here that ‘all students/students of their own class/students of their own houses’, etc.

Uses Of facebook

None of the students simply used to make use of Facebook for entertainment. Someone else needs to use it again to different needs. To inform everyone, to make a group for study, to be used for meeting, club meetings. Besides, the option of adding courses is also useful for students. It has become a great medium to know which courses are in the course of selection.

In this way, the number of Facebook subscribers reached by six thousand in three weeks, including current and former students of Harvard. Zuckerberg realized that the technical side could not handle it alone and His friend Moscow vice came forward. The economy student did not know how to programming Moscowovis But did not give up. Taking a night out, he started learning to program. Mark occasionally lost patience, with him. But Moscow was very persevering. Eventually, he was on a new contract with Facebook. According to it, 65 percent of Facebook’s ownership is in Zuckerberg, 5 percent in Moscow, and the rest 30 percent to Savvirin.

Moscow’s main work was to expand Facebook to other campuses. From the second week of the start, applications from different campuses also included on Facebook. Zuckerberg was also interested in this issue. One time, there was a dream of taking Facebook out of the university boundaries.

To add a new educationist, his e-mail address, his course list, etc. collected by Moscow vice Then, according to him, changing the Facebook code, he used to give the campus access to Facebook. The University of Columbia on February 25, Stanford joined the next day on Facebook, Yale University came on 29th. Facebook is the most responsive to Stanford A week later Stanford wrote in the paper, “The storm hits the campus with” Within a week, 981 students of Stanford were added to Facebook.

Mark Zuckerberg

Mark became quite a celebrity at the time. The journals of various campuses have been offering prayers for their interview. In these interviews, Mark said his current and future thoughts on Facebook. The cost of Facebook was about 85 dollars a month. That’s why there was no reason to financially benefit from this. Once thought, he would make arrangements to upload the CV to the students, and later, if the companies wanted to recruit them, they could see the CV with a fee. After that, the plan was dropped, because it would become a serious place and would not have the only means of entertainment. This thing was important to him.

Mark was somewhat awkward to give regular interviews. So he appointed his second roommate Chris Hughes as the spokesman. In this way, Mark and his friends started the process of running Facebook. What is the stage in which Facebook has come to us today?