Advanced Underground Search Engines


These search engines are not so popular because they also use fewer people to use them. Because these underground search engines have been created for a particular specific thing themselves and they can bring you more informative results from these general search engines in all these areas!

Search Engine DWH 1
Search Engine DWH 1

Undergraduate search engines, again, don’t make the mistake of understanding the dark web. I’m not talking about the Dark Web. These search engines are not for pornography or illegal activities, but they are not publicly open, and they have never published advertisements on their sites. But why they called underground search engines?

First of all, these search engines are the main thing for their particular subject matter, but they have kept themselves secret from the beginning of the ordinary Internet users. I have already said that they have not published any advertisement on their site.

Secondly, these search engines are built on specific topics and are used by certain Internet users, so their users are limited. So today at TechTunes I will try to bring you this kind of underground search engine.

Search Engine DWH 2
Search Engine DWH 2

Best Torrent Search Engine

If you’ve tackled all your downloads with hunger torrents, then surely you know how hard it is to find your favorite flow torrent. But you can quickly get this AIO Search Method completed with this task! AIO Search is the Most Impressive Torrent Search Engine that will bring you the results by searching from over 3 torrent sites!

Freebase Search Engine

Prospector is an extreme underground search engine where you can search around 5 categories for free Bargains & Deals. This search engine is a search engine based in the Czech Republic, but you can view Search Resorts all over the world. You can also try the following three other search engines:

Search Engine For House Cell

Those who sell house or Sales Foreclosures, whose job they can not get their resorts to their workplace by going to the search engines in general. But through the Free Search site, you can do this very quickly and effectively.

Search Engine DWH 4
Search Engine DWH 3

Foreclosure Free Search is an American Victim Foreclosure Search Engine that contains almost all the foreclosure lists in various cities in America, and you can get the best results here. Like other paid sites, you will find the Result Price, Address, and Details details here.

There is also another search engine called Trulia for this topic. With Trulia, you can find all the real estate information in search results. And it’s also a free search engine where you can view everything from homes to prices, addresses, square feet of apartments, records! You will also see the Resent Sale Prize in the houses, which is an extreme thing to do.

Public Records Search Engine

A public record is a sensitive thing that has a search engine. It’s a fantastic thing! Generally, public records are meant to a specific company. This shows you the search results of that company, it is a boring affair. But the public record center search engine is not like that! It’s better to call the underground portal than a search engine. Because when you come here, you will find good results if you search for various public records.

Search Engine DWH 4
Search Engine DWH 4

Paranormal Search Engine

Hahaha! If you want to taste the underground search engine, then you can see this UFO Seek search engine. You won’t find any better underground paranormal search engine! But do not fool by the name, they do not only research the UFO or the aliens. But they study the whole paranormal world.