Quick Ways to Delete Your Online Identity


Feeling like getting off the grid for a while? Need a short break from social media? If the answer is affirmative then this blog might lead you in the right direction. As we’re all aware Internet is like that big ocean where we have to take charge of our own privacy first. Every search we make on Google, every webpage we visit, it always leaves a mark behind. This information based on our interests is then used by marketers to target the right set of audience for their business. And if your luck is pretty bad, then this information can also be picked by a cybercriminal and that, of course, doesn’t sound so nice, right?

So, what if you feel like completely removing your online presence from the Internet? Well, yes that’s very much possible if you follow the right approach. Here are a few steps that can help you in removing your online presence from the Internet.


Deactivate Social Networks and Shopping Accounts

Like they say, first things first! Jot down all the social media accounts in which you’re currently active or have profiles on. Yes, Facebook, Reddit, MySpace, Instagram all of them. To remove your online presence from these accounts go to account settings until you find a “Deactivate” option. Most probably you’ll find it under Security or account privacy section. Once you find it go ahead and tap the Deactivate button to get off the grid.

Beware of Data Collection Websites


There are a lot of portals out there who store your personal information like contact number, address, SSID, and more. So basically, their prime objective is to collect all sorts of data related to you which includes the websites you visit, your shopping history etc. They then sell this data to potential buyers so that they make more hit more specific advertisements to you based on your interests and preferences.So first, visit all such websites as WhitePages, Spokeo, People Finder and search for your profile information. If by any chance you find something you can report to the website or take the necessary action.

Take Google’s Help

While surfing on Internet if by any chance you find some sensitive information like your credit card number or Social Security ID then you can immediately send a direct request to Google for removing such content. This process will definitely take a few days to get done, but that’s the first step we can do to protect our privacy.

Deactivate Your Email Accounts

Last but not the least, here comes deactivating email accounts. Make sure you perform this at last as the above-mentioned steps might require your email accounts to process authentication. Once you’re done with all of that, log into your email account, go to account settings and deactivate your account for finally getting rid of your online identity.