5 Facts About Information Hack


Recently, after gathering millions of user data from Facebook, it is a matter of stealing information in the discussion again. Cambridge Analytics has grabbed millions of user data from Facebook. After that, the cats of a bag started coming out. Chief Executive Mark Zuckerberg also apologized for the formal apology that every user of Facebook may have lost some of their information in some way.

Recently, the most discussed hacking in the world at the CSO Online Doktok or the list of data-stealing information from the server has published. In this report, about 5 incidents of information theft discussed.


In 2013, mail accounts of 300 million user account hacked from Yahoo!’s popular mail service. Verizon bought Yahoo in 2016. For this, Verizon spent $ 4.48 billion. That year, the organization’s investigating team said to be hacking. The hacking incident was so big that it could not have imagined it before.

Adult Friend Finder

In 2015, Adult Friend Finder hacked the website for finding California-based sex partners. Find a sex partner and live chat through the website. In the hacking incident, 41 million 22 million account stolen information. At that time, the world’s largest Adult Friend Finder website had more than 640 million subscribers.


In July of 017, one of the largest credit card companies in the United States was the victim of Equifax Hack. There are about 14 million 79 million users leaked.

Hartland Payment System

Hacking was done in 2008, based on US-based credit or debit card service provider Heartland Payment System. But in 2009, the issue came to attention. About 134 million credit card information collected in this incident.


In 2011, the victim hacked by the Appwise Raid service provider Uber. In this, hackers steal 570 million subscribers’ names, email addresses, and mobile phone numbers. The hackers were also informed about the names of six lakh drivers and licensing of the victims. After the news of theft of information of Uber subscribers, the company’s chief security officer Joe Sullivan resigned.