After Taking A New Credit Card Do This Thing


Debit/credit card usage is increasing day by day for offline and offline purchases. These are also known as “plastic money” Debit cards and credit cards are the same, but they have a basic difference. To use a debit card, you have to deposit money in your bank or financial account beforehand. That means this prepaid. On the other hand, credit cards are postpaid before use, later deposited in money.

There are also many minor differences with the hope of a detailed discussion on another post. Many hesitated about how to start using new debit/credit cards. This post is for you so that you do not face any such problem.

Activate The Card

Whatever the debit card or credit card, it is not suitable for use immediately after getting it. It can take 1 to 3 business days for the system to be activated after it is issued. If the card is activated, you can get mobile SMS or email (depending on the issuer). But the best of all, if you call the debit/credit card issuer’s helpline, be sure to activate it. In total, the card must activate at the beginning.

Collect Pin Numbers

In ATM booths and stores POS (point of sale) will require debit or credit card pin number for purchase. It usually has four numbers. This pin number is confidential, which is not right to share with anyone. The pin number print in the card packet may print on a pin number. If not, the special helpline number will provide where the phone number will connect to the PIN.

Learn the Costs And Terms

Different terms and charges apply for debit and credit card usage. For example, if your card is on the “MasterCard” network, you can use it in the “MasterCard” ATM booth or POS or website. If there is a “Visa” network, then it can use on Visa marked Booth / POS and site. So we have to be sure about this. Also, know how much maximum transaction can be done every day or daily. Keep track of monthly credit limit for credit card Otherwise, you may be a victim of harassment while paying a bill.

Make A Passport Endorsement If Necessary

If you want to deal with a card from a bank / financial institution located in Bangladesh or outside of the country or ATM booth / POS, then your passport must be endorsed with a specific amount against this card. This is the rule of the state. If you do not have a passport, you can not do this endorsement and such transactions. With your passport, debit / prepaid or credit card issuer can make this endorsement there in the bank or financial institution. Generally, an endorsement is done for 1 year, but it also has the opportunity to do auto-renewal. The maximum amount of dollars can endorse, there is a limit, which known to the bank.

Know The Offers

Different organizations offer discounts on the payment of their services through debit/credit card. There are also many credit cards, which allow the annual fee of the card to be exempt if transferring a certain amount. Find out about these offers. You can find this information on the card helpline and webmaster’s website.

Confirm Card Privacy

Debit and credit cards also know as “plastic money”. Because it is possible to withdraw or deal with your account. The card does not require ATM / POS PIN for the online transaction. The information that is print on the card is enough, such as card number, owner’s name, expiry date and security number (also known as CVC number). So do not give your card to someone other than a trusted person.

Online Account

If your card issuer gives you the opportunity to see the balance, transaction, and statement, then you can register it. This allows you to check the status of your card at any time.

First Payment

Online payment is as easy as it is harder. There are many sites that do not take a card if you do not. Take for example Facebook and Digital Ocean. They often want to know more information about the card owner. I have seen this happen in prepaid cards. This kind of trouble with a credit card is a bit less. Call your card helpline before the payment for the first time, to know if it is now useful for payment.
If you have a foreign site, ask the helpline if the passport endorsement is in operation and whether the elegant dollar is in your account. If everything is OK, then verify the information on the payment page properly. In the case of big advertisements, such as Facebook Ad, once a card is wrong, then Facebook will not want to believe the exact information of the card again. So be very careful!

Where Are You Using The Card?

The biggest risk of shopping with debit and credit cards is its information security If the miscreants want to steal your card information and then withdraw money from your account. So without trustworthy sites, anonymous payment is not good for any card without any payment. Be aware of this.