Some Failed Products Of Google


What is google. Initially, we know this as a search engine, where we can find the desired results in the fastest time with any keyword search? But Google’s activities are limited only to this? No The most popular mail service provider of the current time, from Gmail to Android, the most used operating system for smartphones, all but Google’s creation. Again YouTube is used to watch or save videos, or we use it for easy browsing online, Chrome browsers, but also Google’s products. A little noticeable, most of the products we use online have some form of collaboration with Google. So Google has expanded an enchanting dominance in the world of technology.

But one thing needs to be clarified: Google is not King Moodas, but he will touch whatever he touches. We know about Google’s successful products, and for this reason, Google has five-fifths praise. But that does not mean that all Google products are successful. Instead Google has many such products that have failed, and at one point, Google has been forced to stop their activities. Let the reader introduce you to Google with some unsuitable products, many of which you have never heard before today!

Google Plus

In 2011, Google brought its social networking platform, Google Plus, to match Facebook and Twitter. However, according to them, it was an expanded version of their Google messaging service. Yet, no matter how much Google has tried to increase Google users, Google has not attempted much less. Opening a Gmail account was made mandatory to use Google Plus. But they still did not get water in the competitive market.

In 2011, when the Wall Street Journal was published that five million Google Plus users’ information was leaked to third-party developers, Google was originally forced to send Google Plus to a digital graveyard.


One year before Google Plus, Google came to the market in 2010, which was primarily a combination of social communication and messaging. But Google has not received any official announcement before Google’s lightning opened to the public, from Google.

It is seen later, this is mainly the clone version of Twitter and Facebook, where users can post status updates, post pictures, and videos, as well as share direct messages. But the confidentiality and security-related complications ended in 2012, the service ended.

Google Notebook

The Google Notebook, which started in 2006, was an application that allows users to copy-paste various text from the browser into their private notebooks. But in 2009, Google stopped its development program, and it completely eliminated in 2012.

However, as an alternative to the 2013 Google brings a new note-taking app, Google Kip The app is available on Android, iOS and the web.

Google Helpouts

In 2013, the Google HelpAutts program began. Through this, users could have a variety of tutorial related video streaming live. The main goal of this service was to help people through real-time their PCs and mobile devices.

There was also a help-out calendar for users, which could be synchronized with Google calendars via notification text, email or calendar. Not being able to raise a significant response, its activities are closed in 2015, its activities.

Google site search

Previously all websites had the opportunity to launch a special feature called Google Site Search, through which users could find any content within the fastest time by using Google customized custom search on those websites.

However, slowly, almost all the websites started to turn on their own search options, the application of Google site search reduced. Finally, in February of 2017, Google announced the closure of the service. Through a personal email, Google tells all its consumers and partners that they will not sell any new licenses to Google Site Search, and will not renew any previous licenses.


Picasa was an online photo collection, which was bought by Google in 2004. But in 2015 when Google brought Google Photos full of its own technology.

They were able to send Picas back to retirement. However, Picasa users did not have to get too much trouble, because all their photos were automatically transferred to Google Photos.

Search Wiki, Tube and Side Wiki

Google also brought these services as an alternative to Wikipedia. The search wiki was an extension, where Google users could see the annotation about Wikipedia’s article search. Besides, the tube was a collection of articles written by ordinary users. And side wiki was a mix of notes from different websites related to the topic. But in the summer of 2008, these projects launched in 2012 were forced to end Google.

Google Reader

Google, which reads the news online, has developed the Google Reader app to make their experience more accessible to Google. This app could be used to store news from various news sites or blogs, and later they could be read offline.

But Google announced the closure of the service in March 2013, and it stopped permanently in July of that year, Google Reader. Now, there is another app called Google News, which is more easily accessible than Google Reader.

Google Glass

In keeping with the fashion consciousness, Google Glass brought Google’s market in 2012. It was assumed that it will rule in the future world. But unfortunately, this product could not attract ordinary people at a very high price of $ 1,500. It also had software problems, confidentiality problems, and so on. So in January 2015, Google shut down its Glass Explorer program, where the developers built an app for Google Glass. That year, they stopped production of Google Glass’s new prototype. But in the year 2017, they started work on the project again and announced to bring enterprise edition.

Google Video

YouTube is now owned by Google. However, Google had a video streaming service at its own time, in 2005, which became a direct competitor on YouTube.

Later Google bought YouTube, and they lost interest in their own video streaming service. By the year 2009, new videos were uploaded to Google Video, and the service was completely closed in 2012.