Windows 10 Features You Probably Never Use But Should


Windows latest comes with lots are hidden of features not just the newest bells and whistles but long-standing features you might have forgotten about or never even discover in the first place. Here are some useful tricks for windows-10 capable of that you might not know about, but should definitely know about.


Virtual desktops

Windows-10 finally starts using the virtual desktop for their operating system. Giving us separate spaces for program windows and work. If you click Task View you can see all the open windows and if you want open a new window then you can just click NEW WINDOWS. Click the cross icon to any virtual desktop to close it.


Video and media streaming

You may want to share your videos and music from windows to another device, like big-screen TV, But Microsoft comes with their own building sharing videos and media protocol in the form of DLNA. You need DLNA compatible device.

Want to enable it, search for “media streams” from the taskbar, click the option, then select Turn on media streaming. Your receiving device has  correctly configured, streaming over content right-clicking on a file and choosing Cast to Device.


Scheduling tasks

Task Scheduler is one or the best feature but it old feature, if start 95.The name suggests schedule tasks in windows. Where you can shut down your machine in particular time of night or system maintenance app running on regular schedule.

Type task scheduler in the search box to find the interface. The first time it may seem a little hard to use but you will soon get the hang of it if you experiment with this. Click Create Task to get started, and you need to provide a trigger (a time) and a resulting action for each task.


Reclaim lost disk space

Disk Clean-up is another old Windows Feature that going strong, and you can open it by typing its name into the taskbar search box. It Helps to clean up the computer by detecting and erasing all those junk files taking up room on your system that you don’t really need to keep.

Click on any of the entries and select the option that means you want to clear the file on your hard drive getting of them.


Remote assistance

If a friend or family member is face problem and ask you to solve this. Then you want to reach for something like Skype or TeamViewer. But Windows run managed remote assistance without any extra software. Type remote assistance into the search box, then click the top option and it gets started.

The opening you get full control over the other person’s computer, including the mouse and keyboard. If both of you are on Windows 10, find the Quick Assist utility system.


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