Microsoft PowerPoint Best Alternatives


Microsoft PowerPoint is one of the best useful tools is professional life. It is useful for making a presentation. Here you can add not only text and videos but also you can add animations and other effects. Here are now going to discuss the best alternative to Microsoft PowerPoint.


It is one of the best MS PowerPoint alternatives and it has 85 million users. It has an incredible tool which helps you to prepare your presentation for both individual and business purposes. You can use this app free for first 30 days. It is a cloud base presentation program so that you can access your presentation on any device of your choices like Windows or iOS. The awesomeness of this software is you can create all the presentation will be synchronized with the other devices. 


This is a powerful tool and comes with awesome effects to help you make a mind-blowing presentation. This product is developed by Apple you can use it on your Mac, iPhone or iPad. If you want to use this in your windows then must you have to use iCloud. This allows you to select a theme for your best presentation to impress your boss and friends.


If you want to create a presentation with animation then this software is the best for using animation in your presentation. It is cloud-based software here have lots of presentation with regular animation. It allows your create customize your creative presentation and share your videos with others.


The clear slider is one of the best alternatives to MS PowerPoint. It helps you to manage and share your presentation without any trouble. This software is user-friendly and straightforward and its interface makes you comfortable while you working. This software has a feature, the feature is you can work with a colleague on the project on the same presentation to support team-work.

LibreOffice Impress

It is free and open source software that allows you to create, share and edit your slideshows. This software is fully free and it has 7.5 million users. It is available in Multi languages and who use before MS PowerPoint he can make it easy to use.