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Facebook Offering Five New Way To Poke

Poke is one of the oldest features in Facebook. Once upon a time Facebook user love to sending and receiving poke. Now Facebook is planning to make Poke happen again. The company has been testing five-way of new series of greetings.This new poke feature launched for the 10th anniversary of Facebook poke feature. Users can find this feature under the Hello icon on users friend’s profile. Facebook released the Hello button in June. It is placed at the top of the Facebook users profile.


New Five Greetings:

  • Hello
  • High-fiving
  • Hugging
  • Winking
  • Poke

The idea of the new feature for users to reach out friends in new more ways.




How to use the new feature:

When you are on mobile you need to hold down the hello button but on a desktop, you just hover over it.

You can see five different greeting options then you can choose from here. If you hug option, two blue hands will wrap around profile picture. If you sent a greeting to someone then you want to cancel it, you can cancel it by tapping on the hello button at once. A pop-up will come and ask if you want to change your mind.


The feature is now available only being tested in the UK, Canada, Australia, Columbia, Thailand, and France you can only send greetings to other Facebook users who are living in this countries. However, This feature will live over the world on October 1, 2018.