Who Want To Be A Windows Expert


Those who want to be Windows Expert know great tips and tricks are now presenting you with some Windows tips and tricks in front of which very few people are familiar.

Depending On The Location, The Default Printer Changes

The location-based printer’s features are mainly available on laptops or portable devices that are powered by a battery. This can change the location of the home or work network and switch the automatic prints based on the network as a default printer.

For this, you must first set the printer as the default printer for the network you are using. Search for “Device and Printers” and select the result that will come. Then click on the right mouse button on your desired printer and click on set as default printer. Click on one of the printers from that window and click Manage default printers from the toolbar.

Then click on Change my default printer when I change networks radio button. Then you will find two dropdown options named select network and select printer, then select Network and Printer and click on Add. In this way, you add all the networks and printers that you have and add them all separately.

But remember, if you want to add your printer to the wireless network by default, then you have to be connected to your computer on that network already. If you want to use a printer by default on all the networks, then click on the radio button on your default printer as my printer.

Lock The File without Software

Many important files can be on our computer. Which can be deleted at any moment. There is a recycle bin, but it is also good to give a little extra importance to the important files. So, keep doing something like this that you can not delete that file even with normal software. This means that it is a system that does not have any file to open or delete. What’s not so funny? Let’s see how possible only 2 line codes.

First search the search box in your computer’s Powershell. After that click on the cursor or mouse on your power cell and right-click on the button and click run as administrator.

Search The File With The Operator

Brother, I did not talk about the computer operator. I’m talking about the logical operator. You must hopefully and with everyone else, the operators have known. Today I will show you the file that is fast using my computer / this pc / windows file explorer’s search box.

Suppose you will find a file that says the name of the dog and cat names in the file. If not, then nothing will come. So you have to write the dog AND cat here and certainly give the upper hand.

Again, find a file that has just a dog but does not have a cat. If you do not, then search the dog not cat. And if you want to find files where there are dogs and if there is a cat then write dog OR cat.

Also, if you want to see all the files that are not pictures, then search for it by typing System. Kind: <> picture and if you want to see files larger than just 10 mm, then search System.Size:> 10mb.

Run In Administrator Mode

There are many applications that run in administrator mode. So many people would want to have their application run automatically if it was automatic. Get bogged down pressing yes again. Let’s see how we can do this.

First, click on the right of your mouse and click on the right mouse button. Then click on an open file location. Then right-click on the application file again. Go to the property level. Then go to advanced. Then see run as administrator. Ok with a tick in the next box. Now run peacefully in those apps administrator mode. Only your trusted software will benefit from this.

Install From Command Prompt Software

Software installations are very annoying when it is seen that software is installed and it is taking a long time. And on the other hand, you have unknowingly installed software with any bloatware.

So to overcome this problem Powershell has plug-ins named Chocolatey. It lets you install thousands of programs from its library, just typing in 3 wards. You can use this feature in Linux using chocolatey in Windows.

With this, you refrain from installing bloatware. You can learn more about how to use this chocolatey when you search YouTube or Google. I just introduced you to this. This tune will be too big to write.

Open The Program In The Batch Form

It is not worth seeing with you. The batch is running many programs together. For example, Winamp and last.fm are run together. You also have many useful apps that you use regularly but do not keep on startup. Those who want to run together, they can see the screenshot below.