WhatsApp Ultimate Tips And Tricks


WhatsApp doesn’t need any introduction. It’s now the most popular application in the world for who loves instant messaging service. Everyone knows how to use it but it has some hidden tricks, Many people don’t know what those are. Now I show you some tips and tricks.

How can I listen to WhatsApp messages secretly?

The voice message is played the main speaker on your phone. When you play this then your nearest and dearest can listen in as well. Here is a simple solution to this issue:
Just hold the phone to your ear. The proximity sensor will think it is a standard phone call and will automatically switch speakers.

How to cancel WhatsApp voice message?

When you send a voice message from WhatsApp you need to press and hold the record button. When you stop pressing the button then your message will be sent. When you holding the button you are able to cancel the message:
Just slide your finger to the left input field and a small trash bar will appear. That’s mean your message has been deleted.

How to mark favorite on WhatsApp message?

If you are heavy WhatsApp user you will be writing and receiving lots of messages. For one reason or another, you want to have some message more readily available than other.

Go to the conversation then tap the message what you want to bookmark and then press the star in the new menu at the top.

Want to show this message now go to main windows and click the vertical dote then you enter the “starred messages “tab and you will find your favorite there.

How to find contacts or messages individual in WhatsApp?

Do you need to find the details one of your contacts but hate to scroll through everyone else the find them. No problem? It is a just simple trick:
Click on the magnifying glass and type the named person you are looking for.

Searching is not limited to find your contacts. If you have a long conversation with a contact you want to find a specific message, you can easily do this.

Go to the conversation and click the three vertical dots and click the search menu now put your keyword then you can find what you want.

How to send a file to a contact on WhatsApp?

Select the people where you want to send your file then click on the paperclip icon and select the document. Then you have to choose your file what you want to send. You can also send multiple files at once.

How to find out who looked at my WhatsApp Status photo or video?

It’s Just like Snapchat or Instagram, the new WhatsApp status feature allows post photos or videos which are last 24 hour as a part of their status updates.
Simply go to the status tab, open the status what you post on your wall then swipe the screen bottom to then you see which people viewed.

How to lock WhatsApp?

Some conversations are very important. WhatsApp helps you along here by allowing you to use a pin to access the app. Some smartphone manufacturers will offer this feature default, the OnePlus model there has own lock system. If you don’t have this system default then you must download app locker for secure your apps.

How to delete WhatsApp account?

If anyone wants to leave the Whatsapp, They can do this with deleting their account. If you decide this option you should know that your contacts, message history, and other settings will be deleted permanently. You cannot restore this data if end up changing your mind.

Go to “Settings” and then enter the “My Account” tab. You will then find the “Delete my account” option. Confirm your selection by pressing the “Delete my account” tab.

How to get floating notifications on WhatsApp like Facebook?

You can get floating notification by using WhatsBubbles app. Here you get floating notifications that similar to Facebook Messenger. You can use another application that provides chat head for WhatsApp.

How to backup WhatsApp conversations to internal or external memory?

Your conversations recorded daily by default on your phone. If you want to see this you must have to go /WhatsApp/Databases on your internal memory card or external memory card.

How can I restore my WhatsApp chat history?

When you reinstall WhatsApp it will ask you if you want to restore your chat history. By default, you will be able to use the Google Drive system we saw above.

You can choose to restore your conversations via local files, but you will have to roll up your sleeves and do a bit of work.
• Go to the directory where your files are stored (sdcard / WhatsApp / Databases for microSD cards) (/ WhatsApp / Databases for internal memories)
• Rename the file you want to restore (the save date is in the name) by giving it the name msgstore.db.crypt12. Do not change the crypt number if the name was in crypt10 or crypt9.
• Uninstall and then reinstall WhatsApp
• Restore when the option appears on the screen