Find The Right Information Quickly From Google



Finding information in the current world is difficult to find on Google. Although Yahoo or Microsoft Bing is that the nearest challenger, Google is currently the most popular search engine. Every time we search many things in Google, but always find the desired answer? We are sharing some tips and tricks here to find useful information by searching Google which will help you find the desired topic.

Topic Specifications

Think you want to find a Jaguar car. If you search only by jaguar then you will see Jaguar’s animal-related links/pictures. That’s why you have to specify the car. In that case, search by Jaguar car.

Find A Specific Topic

You can use quotes if you want to find information on specific topics. For example, if you search by Amazon Echo review, Google will show you 37 million results. And if you search for “Amazon Echo review” then it will show you more than 1,28,000 results.

Use Correct Informational Words

If you search Google with any word in the answer, then you can guess what is the correct word? If you use informative and descriptive words in Google, you will get the most rewarding answers. Because if your search item is a single word then you will get it first. But if your search term is not used by anyone, you will not find the answers even if you find it all day. We can not find our required web pages for a long time and find many pages to search again but we can not get them because the correct word is the correct word.

Want to find information on a particular website? Many times the built-in search feature is not very helpful in the websites. If you want to find the site.

To Get Cache Saved In Google (Any Site)

Google keeps a cache of various web pages. Although those sites are closed on the server/pages are deleted, but those pages can be viewed from Google cache for a certain time. The old version of the site can be seen by visiting the Google Cash online site. To view Google Cash, write Cache before entering the address of the site and search Google for all. You can get lucky if the site/page is Google cache.

Example: cache:

Also, if you search for something in Google search results, clicking on the triangle in the right-hand corner of its green link will also display the cached content of that address.

Finding Information According To The Format

Do you understand what I’m talking about? If you do not understand, listen to us, many of us find documents in different formats in Google. If you know what kind of document you are looking for, then mention that format will be easy to find. And a little better, we have long been looking for presentations or looking for various pdf documents. For all this information, you will find your information quickly if you search by typing just dot pdf or ppt or doc, at the end of your presentation name. E.g. pdf, jpg, doc, ppt, png, gif. However. (dot) search but you can get it. If you use the extension you will get the first page.

Search Images With Pictures

To find images using Google Image, you first need to go to the Google Images page by clicking the Images link at the top of the Google home/search page. Upload a picture by drag-and-drop or camera by clicking on the marked button and uploading the picture will show you the same picture as the image you uploaded. Whenever any search results are displayed, the images will be found by clicking on the images at the top of the page. But this is not always the right information to show you.

Find Similar Websites

You can use the related term to find similar websites.
Eg related:


You can use Google’s search bar directly as a calculator. As you type 505 * 50, you can find 505 and 50 numbers of products. And if you search for $ 50 to bd then how much Bangladeshi money is available at that time in 50 dollars. Before defining something, define typing in the query before it can be searched.