US Disclose All Social Media Identities


History Collect:

The Trump management has said it wants to start collecting the social media. History of almost each seeking a visa to admit into the US. The offering which comes from the state section. It would need most visa applicants to give in trifles of their Twitter and Facebook accounts. They would have to publish all social media identities used in the last five years. About 14.7 million people a year would oppress by the proposals.

Identify Visa:

The knowledge would use to identify and veterinary those seeking both migrant and non-immigrant visas. Applicants would also ask for five years of their email addresses, telephone numbers, and travel history. They would be necessary to say if they had ever been deported from a country, or if any relatives engage in terrorist work.

The proposal would not affect citizens since countries to which the US giving visa-free journey status – between them the Canada, UK, Germany, and France. Whatever, citizens from non-relieved countries like China, India, and Mexico could embroil if they visit the US for a task or a holiday. Officials defend the proposal by saying it would assistance to identify possibility ultras.

Social Media:

Social media came under tenderness after the shootings in 2015 in California, San Bernadino, in which 14 people died. The authorities said they had missed signs of radicalization in messages on a messaging stage sent among the aggressors. Under rules fetched in last May. Officials were told to seek people’s social media brake only if they feel. That such knowledge requires assuring identity or ceremonial more forbidding national security vetting. A state section official said at the time.

People will now have to surprise if what they say online will misconstrue by a government official, said Hina Shamsi of the American Civil independence Union. We are also anxious about how the Trump management defines the murky and over-broad term terrorist activities cause of it is inherently political and can use to differentiate between immigrants who have done nothing wrong, she said.


The social media stages encircled in the proposal comprise US-based essences such as LinkedIn, Instagram, YouTube, and Reddit. Whatever, the New York Times reports that overseas stages such as China’s Sina Weibo and Russia’s VK social network would also comprise.