Instagram May Get Voice And Video Calling Features


Instagram New Features:

Instagram is a favorite picture sharing application. It has been actively trying to receive new facilities. If a new statement is to be believed then the application can quickly get calling feature and also video calling facilities. APK (Android Application Packages) for Call and Video Call has been dappled. While it’s not positive when. If certain highlights will really appear on the application. But, they can be a section of Instagram’s Direct messaging system.

The new report reaffirms the demands created by a blog. In one month ago, this was published that a video call key was found, so there may be some element to these newest set of leaks.The company newly released the Giphy GIF sharing facilities which too was spotted in an Android Application Packages sometime previous year. Instagram can give a fight to its largest rival Snapchat with the voice and video calling feature. video call features were released on Snapchat in 2014. 2 years later, Snapchat also attached the feature to access audio and video notes.

Instagram has been raising the ante for its new video features. A few months ago it rolled out a new facility to increase its Live Video engagement. The Facebook picture-sharing application lets people send a Live Video to invite friends applying the Instagram Direct feature. All they require to do is to tap on the Direct icon. They can send Live Videos they are seeing or creating, to people.

Blog post:

In a blog post, Instagram said now users can send live videos to their friends in Direct. Users can send his/her own live video by the tap of the Direct icon. A live video users watching also share with his/her friends as the same way. Also, share with a group of friends to encourage them to enter. When people are live, they need to tap on the Direct icon and send an invite to friends.

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