Lionel Messi Again At The Practice Ground In Barcelona’s Jersey

Lionel Messi again at the practice ground in Barcelona’s Jersey Barbara is an important match against Sevier on Sunday. Whether or not the Argentine star will play, not sure yet. However, coach Ernesto Valverde has said that he does not think of the best player on the team, ‘he did not have anything important to think about it separately.’

Injury Fact

Messi Italy felt uneasy in the thigh muscles before the match. Spain was supposed to play against Spain. But he did not have the discomfort. Jorge Sampaio, however, did not risk risking the danger to be increased in the field. But Argentina’s former goalkeeper, the 1966 World Cup team’s Hugo Gatty took the ticks to Messi, even the example of Cristiano Ronaldo, he said, “Messi should have played in this match.

Cristiano Ronaldo did not have any hesitation in this situation. “Barca stars have been seen to see the match of Argentina’s biggest record-breaking match at the stand, because of the fear that they did not shy away from injury. Argentina was lagging 2-1 in the first half. But the game was so bad that the storm was predictably good. Messi ran to the dressing room during the break. He also praised Sampoli, ‘He has always been with the team even if he is not in the field.’

Messi trust

The coach, who won the Copa America in Chile, lost Argentina, is not out of criticism. Former striker Mario Kemps says, “There is no liability for the players here.” It’s naturally the failure of the coach to fail. Diego Maradona is shaking his head from the beginning of the responsibility of Samuli. This is the highest challenge of the World Cup in front of Argentina. By May 14, he will have to submit a list of primary 35 people.

The final 23 names will be given by June 4. However, before 4 April, there was no other match for Albicelles. They will play two matches before the World Cup, with the first match against Ukraine on 4 April. Argentina preparations mean welding chemistry with the rest of Messi with Messi. Against Italy and Spain, without the Messi, the team seemed to be frustrated. After winning the World Cup ticket for Messi’s hat-trick in Nigeria 4-2, then Argentina, 6-1, against Spain, Argentina. The question arises, how to repair the Sampawoli team again? Although criticized, he still believes in Messi.