Social Media Affect Of Our Lesser Time


Science has given the people the speed, the emotions. Before the time, people who were emotionally attracted to the literature, now the time pass for the benefit of social media. Not only in a hurry, a big time of daily life is being lost in social, seeing others’ lives. But in a year, the time is spent on social media or on TV shows, at that time almost 1,000 books are reading. Travel organization Media Travel Ledger has cited a recent study by the media agency Mediaiacs.

According To The News

Studies show that users of Facebook, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger spend an average of 50 minutes each day behind them. Other social media, such as Snapchat, spent an average of 25 minutes on Twitter. On the other hand, YouTube’s songs are taking an average of 40 minutes from the user’s daily life. In all, an average person spent about five years and four months in different social life throughout his life.

Better Humans

According to Charles Chu, recipient of online media ‘Better Humans’, you can read a lot of books at this time. Another media wrote in Quartz, a year he read about 200 books. He did not have to do much trouble for this. He just reduced the use of social media. Charles Chu, who did not agree with the words, It has proved itself in the form of an indication of its own words.
A person can read 200-400 words every minute, out of a small amount of money. Suppose a reader can read 400 words every minute. The general essay articles are on average 50 thousand words. The Chu gave 400 times the number of books he wanted to read, and then divided it to 60 minutes. Then it will take 417 hours to read 200 books.

Come Out In Search

Chou’s search came out, a man spent 608 hours per year watching social and 1,642 hours of television. It added to 2250 hours. According to the Chu, a US reader can read about 1000 books in 2250 hours, every year.

Quartz Chue Wrote

Quartz Chu wrote, ‘This is not really difficult. There is plenty of time to read our books. For this reason, on our leisure time, on Twitter, we should read books without watching ‘Desperate House Wives’ on TV and TV.’ Besides, Chu also suggested finding a quiet and peaceful place for reading books.