How To Check Apps Access To Your Facebook Data


Your Facebook Data:

The Cambridge data scandal has generated a wave of pain among Facebook peoples. The company is creating some policy changes but there is a long road ahead. We already understand that the company keeps a track of all your actions. And they collect the information based on call records, searches, and more.

But did you know that there are many applications available on the platform that is accessible to your private information present on Facebook? The social media giant publishes that each application that you log into will know networks you belong to, user ID, password and your gender and your full name with the profile photo.

Along with this, the applications also have the access to your total friend list and any other public data on your social media profile. So, if you have no idea as to how various apps can access your information. Then worry not there is a way to locate out that and also eliminate the unnecessary ones.

Follow the simple steps:

Step 1: Whether on the PC or on phone, at first go to the drop-down menu set in the top right corner. Then choose ‘Settings’.

Step 2: After opening the Settings menu please choose the ‘Apps’ option located on the left side of your display. If you using a phone, you can get the option by scrolling down the settings page.

Step 3: Now you will be able to view which apps that have access to your information.
You will notice the list of applications that have access to your above-mentioned information. But, there is a way out to get rid of the ones you don’t use or don’t want to share your information with.

In order to remove the unwanted apps, you have to choose the application and tick on the box located next to the name of the application. After choosing the apps you wish to eliminate you simply have to click on the ‘Remove’ button which appears once the apps are chosen. Then a new window will pop on the display for the final command. And will also ask you to eliminate all the earlier posts posted by the app on your timeline. After the finish of this method, all the unwanted apps will be eliminated from your Facebook account.