Zuckerberg Focuses On His 2018 Challenge


Zuckerberg’s 2018 Challenge:

Mark Zuckerberg submit himself to a personal challenge like learning Mandarin, reading books etc. In 2018 Zuckerberg’s challenge is nearer to home. After a year a question about Facebook is what is the Facebook role in modern society. Zuckerberg has submitted himself to fixing important issues.


Mark Zuckerberg posted about his 2018 challenge on his Facebook account. Mark Zuckerberg wants to Make sure, that time spent on Facebook is time well spent. In his post, he mentioned two challenges.

Two challenges:
1. Protecting community from abuse and hate.
2. Defending against interference by nation states.

Protecting community and Defending against interference:

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Online abuse has for quite some time been an issue for all social media. Facebook’s been attempting to lead the path, by using AI. The focus on protection likely identifies with the manners by which Facebook has encouraged ‘filter bubbles’. Facebook’s business model is worked around indicating you on what you need to see, and less of what you don’t.

Defending against interference will be a major challenge for Facebook. Zuck and Co. have built the most advanced ad targeting system. With the capacity to focus on particular groups of audiences and sub-communities. It’s base on their everyday actions, including Likes, comments etc.