Facebook Removes Accounts Advertising Stolen Data


Facebook Removes Accounts

Social media giant Facebook has deleted some of profile and pages. These are advertised peoples private information and sold addresses, phone numbers. They also advertised social security numbers, and alleged credit card numbers of dozens of the user. A Facebook spokesperson said “Posts containing data like credit card data or social security information are not permitted on Facebook. And we delete this stuff when we become aware of it,” on Tuesday. A Google search pulls up a few public Facebook posts that propose to sell private data including credit card information yet.

Private Data On The Social Media

Hackers have displayed databases of private data on the social media. A popular online news website reported that social media giant Facebook has held hijacked identities and social security information for years on Tuesday. The report said at least some of the information in these posts arrived real. The news website said it was able to prove the first 4 digits of the names, addresses, social security information, and dates of birth for 4 user whose information arrives in a post from July 2014. Shares of the social media giant were down 3.9% at 159.32 dollars.

Groups Banned:

Last week, Facebook removed almost one hundred plus private conversation groups of more than three hundred thousand members. After being alerted by a report from journalist Brian Krebs that the groups flagrantly advertised a host of illegal activities. Including wire fraud, account takeovers, spamming, and phony tax refunds. Then the largest collection of groups banned were those promoting the buying and use of stolen credit and debit card accounts. And the next biggest number of groups included those facilitating takeovers for online accounts PayPal, the report said.

However, tech firms are under extreme scrutiny about how they save customer information after Facebook was embroiled in a huge scandal where millions of peoples information were improperly accessed by a political consultancy.