Facebook Reveals WhatsApp Business App Subscribers


WhatsApp Business App:

Social media giant Facebook CEO says, Over three million users are continuously using WhatsApp Business app. Mark said this during the social network giant’s Q1 2018 earnings call, a blog reported a few days ago. This app is a standalone app separate from the other version of WhatsApp. Whatsapp Business app was released in January in 6 countries. Italy, Mexico, Britain, India, Indonesia, and the United States these countries. This app runs only on the Android operating system.

This business app fight with services like Apple’s Business Chat and RCS messaging for Android. Facebook’s own Messenger Platform, chat apps all built around connecting businesses with consumers. The reports said while this app is still being rolled out, conversational dealing through things. Payments on Messenger is one of the things. It will also be essential to the social media giant. Facebook CEO said,”Over the next 5 years we’re focused on making out the business ecosystems around our apps like WhatsApp, Instagram, and Messenger”. He also said that he thinks what people are going to start to see are other people interacting with Pages that people follow, Pages on Facebook or Instagram.

Mark Zuckerberg noted:

Mark Zuckerberg noted “You see content from that Page, and you can click through to a message thread. Then you can either get customer support or complete a transaction or do a follow-on transaction. And that will be very valuable for businesses so we view the payment in that context, not as the goal but as something that’s helping the business and the person succeed at having a transaction or doing what they’re trying to do”. WhatsApp Business, available on Google Play Store. Makes it accessible for firms to connect with consumers, and more advantageous for its users to chat with businesses that matter to them. The new application, still which is to come on Apple App Store in India, asks for a separate mobile number from the one users have for their individual WhatsApp account.