How To Find Out If Facebook Shared Your Data


Facebook Shared Your Data:

Facebook has been in disturbed waters ever. Since the Cambridge Analytica’s information breach has been reported. The data or information breach reportedly goes back to 2014. When an academic of Russian origin at Cambridge University Aleksandr Kogan, built a Facebook application. Which paid the peoples to take up a psychological test. The peoples who took the test shared the information of their Facebook friends with the application. And Kogan later sold it to Cambridge Analytica, a voter profiling company in the United Kingdom. This complete data scandal has arrived the social media giant in soup and cost it billions of dollars in market value.

CEO Mark Zuckerberg:

However, the company CEO Mark Zuckerberg showed about data leak. He showed that data of approximately eighty-seven million users has been compromised in the information leak. The company is presently notifying peoples if their information has been compromised in Cambridge Analytica breach or not. The social media giant will be forwarding a notification to peoples Facebook News Feed starting today. In case a person’s profile was taken by Cambridge Analytica, the notification will show him/her how the company has banned a site called “This Is Your Digital Life”, as it shared the people’s data without his/her permission with Cambridge Analytica.

You can touch on the link to learn how you influence by the breach. However, if you do not affect by this then you will get a notification. Which explains a new feature which allows the Facebook peoples to manage which apps can access their private information or data. Then the company also declared that it has banned another information analytics firm named CubeYou. This firm banned for improper handling of people’s data that they received from personality quizzes. The company’s CEO Mark Zuckerberg will be attending United States lawmakers on Tuesday and Wednesday to present his case.