NASA Is Building a Spacecraft To Save The Planet From Asteroids


Asteroids are very dangerous for the earth. So we need not about asteroids.Today we explain about  Asteroids.


An asteroid is a form made of stone that moves around its star. The smallest planets in the form of asteroids are much smaller than Mercury. But sometimes astronomers panicked with the strange and terrible asteroids in the solar system. Last year, Russian astronomers brought a three-mile-wide spectrum of asteroids in front of everyone and presented it in front of the people.

However, they say that this planetary planet will cross the Earth from 6.4 million miles away from Earth’s orbit, so there is no danger of hurting its earth. But after the three-mile planetarium, scientists were scared of a terrible asteroid of 800 kilometers. Of course, astronomers do not wander to protect the earth from the asteroid’s hand. NASA and US Energy Department are going to create a special spacecraft that will protect the world from such a giant asteroid. The name of the special space made by the asteroids to protect the earth is called ‘hammer’ or hammer.


The concept of making Hammer spacecraft was actually taken from science fiction movies. Explaining how this hammer will work, the aerospace research firm says that Hammer will work in two ways. If a small size a harmful asteroid approaches Earth, it will hit it off and it will deviate from its orbit. And the second method is that if the asteroid is too large, it will destroy it with the help of atom bombs.

Scientists have put more thought into the space of astride asteroid Bennu. Every six years, the world’s orbit goes out to ‘Bennu’. Every time a little bit coming towards the world. If this happens, in 2135, the asteroid will roam around the earth and the moon is in a ‘key-hole’ area. Which will bring the asteroid closer to a lot of the world. And as soon as it comes to the world, there is a danger of hitting one hundred and fifty years in the world, Bennur said. From these fears, scientists have emphasized the creation of Hammer’s spacecraft to save from the terrible asteroids flying in space.