Why We Can Not Control Wildfires?


The discovery and use of fire have influenced the history of the entire human civilisation. The light has long viewed as a symbol of power and change. And this is not a mistake. A lot can do through the controlled use of fire. But when this fire goes out of control, its pure form is seen. It turned out to be an awful monster.

Why We can not control wildfires DWH 03
Why We can not control wildfires DWH 03

There have been some horrific fires in our country recently. It is possible to control the light and minimise the damage by taking appropriate measures and immediate measures in any fire. But the fire is such an event that it is almost impossible to control it once it spreads, and its duration and duration are much longer. As a result, the level of harm is also very high.

Origin of Wildfire

The onset of fires usually begins with dry forests or shrubs. It is a matter of time if something fires in such a place, and when something mixed, it will spread around.

Naturally, there are usually two ways to start a fire:

(1) If there is lightning on a dry forest.

(2) From volcano lava or burning fragments of various substances. It can then spread according to the environment and the situation.

However, in the recent past, human-made causes are more frequent. It estimates that various human-made reasons cause a fire in about 5% of the cases at present. How many of the human-made reasons that exist, do not belong. However, some factors can identify.


(1) If the flame falls on a dry grass leaf or tree during the fire, it may start from the fire.

(2) Unlawful use of lighters or lampshades. Often, when children have a lighter hand or lamp, they can start playing with it. Again, accidents that can be caused by malpractices by adults.

(3) A cigarette’s burning butt. Many people threw away the cigarette residue without smoking. It has led to many significant fires in history. It may also be the cause of the fire.

Why We can not control wildfires DWH 07
Why We can not control wildfires DWH 07

(4) The campfire. Many stays in tents for adventure in the forests and fire in front of the canvas using dry wood or wood (bonfire). If these fires do not adequately extinguish the fire can start.

(5) Some green plants may locate in or near the railway line. If they dried in extreme heat, they could easily set on fire. In this case, the onset of the light may be due to the friction caused by the resistance of the line with the wheels during the train.

(6) The amount of agricultural land is not increasing in line with population growth. Therefore, the way to increase agricultural land is to destroy forest land. In many parts of the world, the forest area of ​​a particular area burns with fire to make this work easier.

Why We can not control wildfires DWH 04
Why We can not control wildfires DWH 04

(7) Deliberate firing. Although unusual to hear, this considers one of the leading causes of fire. It sometimes thought that some people intentionally start the fire. One of the many reasons for this can be to lose money from an insurance company deliberately.

In addition to the above reasons, there are many other human-caused reasons that we may not even think about naturally.