Could A Giant Impact Have Vaporized Earth To Create the Moon?


How A Vaporized Earth Might Have Cooked Up The Moon

All the efforts that humans have put into examine and observe the moon. Since doing it for the first time. There are still some awful things that we don’t know. Especially when it comes how it has formed. Scientists have agreed that moon was created. By a planet-size body. When it hit earth. After it formed.

But scientists disagreed. Especially when it comes to the discussion how it formed. Now the new scientists have come with an idea. Which called “Big Splat” theory. The giant impact maybe completely obliterated Earth. but Moon might have formed from our planet’s vaporized remains.

the most known and longest-standing theory. that was developed in 1970. that proposes that an object with the mass. the mass of Mars delivered a glancing blow to Earth. the launced large amounts of rock into an orbiting ring. that formed the Moon. maybe most of the moon was made of material.

material from the impactor’s mantle.

the angle of earth and moon system its current angular momentum.but after that over few years problems with the theory has changed.  like for astronomers haven’t found any trace of the impactor’s chemical makeover. the different measurement isotopic ratios of different elements.

for example oxygen’s three isotopes, 16O, 17O and 18O. this measurement isotopic shows Moon and Earth are made of the same material. this seems quite odd. as all the other solar system bodies. with known isotopic ratios have their own distinct identity. this simulation shooks up the theory.

as for the mars sized protoplanet called Theia collided with Earth. the moon may be formed by distinct rubble pieces. if the theory is true then the moon and its rocks have very different chemical compositions. which should be different from earth. but actually, it is not.