These Diamonds Say It Was Born In A Lost Planet


Diamonds In A Meteorite May Be A Lost Planets Fragments

So a new planet was found. Also, a space rock crashed in the deserts of Sudan. The important news is diamonds. Diamonds were found in that piece of stone. As these meteorites may have come from a destroyed planet that orbited our sun billions of years ago. Scientists said on Tuesday. So it is already ensured that it would be the first time anyone has recovered. Fragments from one of our solar systems that are also known lost planets.

Philippe Gillet is a planetary scientist at the Federal Institute of Technology in Lausanne Switzerland. He said regarding this issue We have in our hands a piece of a former planet That was spinning around the sun before the end of the formation of today’s solar system. As his colleague made this discovery.

The rock is verified as the ureilite

This is a rare type of meteorite diamond that had been previously found. Which is also known as inclusions, made of chromite, phosphate and iron-nickel sulfides. So these elements have made these elements completely extraordinary. Dr. Gillet also added It has a chemistry which has no equivalent in the solar system today, in terms of planets. This kind of planets is roamed the previous solar system.

Which is 4 billion years old. But this planets some have survived. So now there are only 4 planets that existed. So after founding the solar system that has advised that. These early planets crashed into each other and broke apart in the first 100 million years.

Gillet says “We are confirming the existence of such former planets,” cosmochemist Meenakshi Wadhwa of Arizona State University in Tempe said This is the first time, though, that there is direct meteoritic evidence for the existence of a large protoplanetary body in the early solar system that is no longer in existence,”. So maybe it is just another news, but the diamond got this real attention of the news publishers.