Solar Charger Like A Paper


The charge of the smartphone is no longer, so many carry power banks or chargers. But there is a limit to both of them, that is why both of them are ineligible if there is no electricity connection. What if the charger collects energy from the sunlight?

Solar Charger

A new USB charger cable ‘Solar Paper’ has introduced by the technology company ‘Yolk’, published by Mashable. The main cause of the name ‘Solar Paper’ is thin, like paper. It is possible to carry it in a book and fold it.

With this charger, you will not need to find sockets to charge the phone. Because it will take power from the light. Not only the phone, the USB charger will work on all the devices that can charge ‘Solar Paper’.

According to the manufacturer, ‘Solar Paper’ is light and more efficient than other solar chargers in the market. An iPhone will take full time to charge just two hours. Chasing will stop if you get a shadow. Automatically charge will start automatically again when the sun comes to light.

Charger controller

Such type of solar charger setups generally uses an intelligent charge controller. A series of solar cells are install in a stationary location (ie: rooftops of homes, base-station locations on the ground etc.) and can connect to a battery bank to store energy for off-peak usage. They can also use in addition to mains-supply chargers for energy saving during the daytime.

Most portable chargers can obtain energy from the sun only. Some, including the Kinesis K3, and GeNNex Solar Cell 2 can work either way (recharged by the sun or plugged into a wall plug to charge up). Examples of solar chargers in popular use include

Use  Charging

Each panel with the charger is able to produce 2.5 watts of electricity. Five-watt charger is required to charge an iPhone. So you have to use two panels to charge the iPhone. To charge the tablet again, the 10-watt charger is need. In that case, four panels will need.