Let’s Take A Look From The World Of Robots


A friend is technology. Can we imagine a day without technology! The technology is one of the most significant contributors to the growth of our civilization today. And the biggest and extraordinary contribution of this technology is the “robot” or “robot technology.” Yes, the subject of my writing today is this “robot” or “robot technology.” The robot is an automated machine particular, which can successfully perform the duties and duties assigned to it.

Robots DWH 1
Robots DWH 1

And this is a vital branch of robotics, which is again an essential part of engineering science and robotics. In other words, the robot is usually an electro-mechanical system whose function, structure, and movement seem to work at its own will, not being influenced by anyone. The robot is a specialized artificial intelligence program that can work environmentally and can display efficiently controlled movements.


Will move like a human, can walk like a man in a clear posture. To this end, many robots have been built so that, even if you cannot walk on two legs like a human, you can walk using 3, 5 or more limbs. But, as I said before, they are not generally used by humans as both. Something successful in this is called the ‘icub’ robot because it uses two sides as a human while walking. However, their path has to be smooth. However, they can break some stairs if needed in the field. Their main feature is that they exhibit a lot of human-like behavior in movement. iubb’s designed by the RobotCub Consortium (RobotCub Consortium).

RQ-4 Global Hawk

Except for a self-propelled robot aircraft, also known as an unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs). Managing this robot aircraft does not require any human involvement. Operated using autopilot and can regulate itself at every stage of the journey. It can perform tasks alone, such as takeoffs, regular flights, and even landing. It is believed that this will make a big difference in the case of passenger aircraft.

Moreover, the aircraft can be used very well in war. It can carry out airstrikes automatically and very accurately. In a nutshell, it is thought that this will bring about a significant change in the vehicle.

Robots DWH 3
Robots DWH 2

Human Cybernetic HRP-4C

The appearance of the Japanese girl in the face of the face is correctly exposed; it may look like a girl aged 8-20. It is a kind of beautiful woman robot with short nose and shoulders to the hair. It is a specialty of this robot model girl! After dressing the models, this robot can catwalk in a style of 32. Its use is much like that of an average human. Which can easily conquer any human mind? It is considered as one of the automated models of the near future. There are more robots like this kind of robot who look not only beautiful but also give electric shocks when someone bothers them or uses them badly and can report it to the authorities if necessary.

Spykee Home Security Robot

Such robots are used to guard the house. It has multiple CCTV cameras. If they see the danger, they can alert. It requires a battery to operate, and it can arrange its charge when needed. These types of robots are especially useful in the field of intelligence.

Robots DWH 1
Robots DWH 3

Maid Robot

These types of robots are hilarious. These robots will help you with your homework, make tea, or even cook for cooking when such robots are especially useful. They are also particularly skilled at cleaning. However, most interestingly, such robots will also help you spend time talking to you to eliminate loneliness, but in this case, they will not speak to you outside of their program, the words they say will have to be programmed in advance.

Robot snake

In the picture, two robot snakes are seen. Of these, the first one used five motors and the next one three motors. Robots are used to help people where they cannot reach them. Such robots can also be used successfully for security or intelligence work. They may be intimidating to watch, but extremely competent and up-to-date on the task. The Japanese ACM-R3 is one such robot.

Robots DWH 5
Robots DWH 4


And from the Punjabi language. Which means, luck. This kind of robot called ‘Kismat’ is an exceptional kind of robot. Because this robot can evoke the emotions of human faces. That is, it is a type of robot that can elicit human emotions and imitate humans through their eyes, mouth, lips, cheeks, etc. The equipment used in this robot is low, but the cost is $ 25. This is considered a breakthrough invention by scientists, as it is the only robot that can reveal human faces through their own faces.