Astronaut’s DNA Changes After Spending A Year In Space


After one year at the International Space Station, American astronaut Scott Kelly’s DNA has changed, says Space Research Organization NASA. Two years ago the space station returned to the Earth but its physical changes were not normal yet. The DNA designers did not match with their twins.

DNA Changes After Spending A Year In Space

Several stories this week have proclaimed that the DNA of former NASA astronaut Scott Kelly changed during his year living on the International Space Station. The stories say that 7 percent of his genes did not return back to normal when he came back to Earth. It makes it seem as if the space environment permanently altered his genetic code.

NASA also reports that astronaut Scott Kelly spent more than a year on the international space station. Scott sent to the International Space Station to understand the impact of physical and psychological effects on people over time in space. And in the NASA research center in the world, Scott’s twin brother Mark. After a year when Scott returned to the world, he was surprised at the testing of NASA scientists. It is found that, with twin brother Mark’s gene design, there is a significant change in the genotypes of the skate.
Surprises are not over here.

Scott and Mark’s DNA examination also saw multiple differences in US experts. Neutral changes in it have directly influenced direct skate genetics, according to NASA’s report. As well as several changes to the chromosomes in the sketch, experts have noticed. Even though more testing continues, these changes are temporary, according to NASA. But if this change occurs over a year’s time, then NASA  worry about more changes in a long time.

It is noted that three astronauts went to the International Space Station. riding in a Russian spacecraft in 2015. They are American Scott Kelly and Russian Mikhail Korynenko and Gennady Palakkad. Two of these three astronauts, Scott Kelly and Mikhail Corinenko spent more than a year in space. Before that, there was no one in the space in such a long time. According to a scientist working in NASA, “If a person is going to travel to Mars or any other planet for a long time. He will have to spend his time in the space – on the Kelly-Corinneco team.