How To Get Lost Things From Ubar


Ubar is most common city’s transport vehicle to us. Many of us use Ubar ride it’s popularity increase day by day. It is safe to transport. But we face some problem with it.The main problem is we lost some useful things in it. Today we explain how to get lost things from Ubar.


Gradually becoming one of the city’s transport vehicles the taxi company Uber. Increasingly it’s popularity and demand day by day. But many of them forget about to keep the keys, chargers, wallet and other things in Uber’s taxis. so, we face any type of adversity.

Recently, Uber Lost and Found released an index based on the items that Often forgot. This forgotten list is the 11th place in Bangladesh.

Bangladeshis who forget about things:

Moneybag, ID/ license/passport, mobile phone, bag, glasses, clothes, umbrella, key, bottle, lobster, key card, lock, money, badminton racket, tie and gift box, gold chain, charger, medicine and prescription, Cigar, coffee box and lotion bottles.

How to get rid of these lost things:

1. First, go to “menu”.

2. Press the “Your Tips” button and select the trip that has lost your item.

3. Select “report an issue” button.

4. Select the “I Lost One Item” button.

5. Select “Contact My Driver For A Lost Item” option.

6. Scroll down and enter the phone number that you need to contact.

7. If you lose your mobile, then use the phone number of a nearby person.

8. You will call in a short time and will connect directly to the driver.

9. If the driver calls the phone and confirms that he has the thing, then contact him and take your own thing.

10. If you can not contact the driver, select the app’s “In-App Support” option and report it. The Uber Support Team will help you.

So it is a simple way to get your lost things from Ubar.