Jeff Bezos’s 11 Companies


Chief Executive of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos Jeff Bezos, the president of Online-based e-commerce institute, took the place on the list of top billionaires in Forbes’ 018, following Bill Gates, in March. His wealth is worth over $ 100 billion. Owning 16 percent of Amazon owns

He started his journey from a garage in 1994. But now his empire is not just around Amazon; He has many newspapers, rocket companies, coupons website, grocery and many more organizations. Find out some of Jeff Bezos’s organizations:

Elemental Tech

This is basically software companies. Amazon Web Services 2015 acquired Elemental Tech. Currently, it is known as the ADS Elemental. In 2006, the software company was established. It worked to deliver multipin video services.

Software-based video processing is done by distributing and distributing money on IP networks. Apart from the United States, there are offices of the ADS Elemental in the UK, France, Hong Kong, Singapore, Japan, China, Russia, Brazil, and India.


It is basically e-commerce marketplace. It is called Amazon of the Middle East. Amazon acquired the Marketplace in March 2017.

Amazon’s first move to e-commerce in the Middle East was to acquire Sauk.

Blue Origin

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos founder of Rocket Company named Blue Origin. Bezos thinks it will be possible to travel in space through rockets. There is a buzz, Bejos invested 100 million US dollars every year in this organization.

Washington Post

The Washington Post, which is more than 140 years old, is now owned by Bezos. The head of a private organization named Nash Holdings named Bezos. In August 2013, the newspaper bought for 25 million US dollars.

Whole Foods

Amazon bought the US State Chain Shop Hole Food in June 2016 for the US $ 137 billion. This was the biggest initiative of buying the popular supercop for the online product sale company. Holly Food began in Texas in 1978 with the importance of food for natural and organic (organic farming). There are 460 stores in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom. About 87 thousand workers are working on this. The company is still working on the same name.


The movie or TV program’s database called IMDB. The IMDB, known as the Internet Movie Database, an online-based database. Where movies, television shows and video games, actor-actresses, crafts, fictional characters, biographies, short stories, various information, and reviews preserved. The site managed by Corp.

Kiva Systems

Jeff Bezos also has a robot company. The Robotics company, Kyiv Systems, bought the company for $ 7.37 billion in 2012. Later, his name changed to Amazon Robotics. From this company, various package conductive robots manufactured. Which used in Amazon warehouses.


Another popular Amazon website, Alexa. Alexa website, known as Web ranking and website rating site, can show various information on the website. It established in 1996. In 1999, Amazon acquired it.

DP Review

This is the Digital Photography Website. It called the world’s most popular digital photography website. In 2017 it acquired by Amazon. There are the different content of digital photography, it has reviews. Consumer digital cameras have global databases. Apart from this, the Photography Community has an active forum.

Another company of Amazon Inc. is Phoenix Textile Group Inc. established in 1993 for selling apparel fabrics wholesale. They started their first website in 1999. Amazon bought online fabric store in June 2008.


For people who love to read books, Amazon has a Goodreads site. In addition to the advice of different books, it gives readers many advantages. This is one of the largest sites for readers. It launched in January 2007. In the year of March 2013, Amazon bought Goods. The site claims to have six and a half million members.


Twitch is basically a live-streaming website. The ownership of Bezos In August 2014, Amazon purchased the popular game streaming service Twitch. Bezos cost $ 970 million to buy Twitch.


Audi Book and Entertainment Service Ownership Amazon Amazon bought Audibles for $ 300 million in 2008. It sells digital audiobooks, radio and TV programs as well as sells audio versions of various magazines.