Best Website To Sell Old Stuff In 2018


Many things in our daily lives have become useless, such as our old clothes, used smartphones, computers, laptops and other household stuff. It is not smart to dump them as garbage because you have to spend money on these things. Thanks to internet and technology you now have several websites where you can sell these things and make some money.


Material World

If you are a fashionable person and walk with trends. You might be having bags full of clothes which you do not wear anymore To list. The products you need to select from different categories. Which item you are sending and need to quote a price.



This is an another best website to sell stuff. It is a website where you can shop, sell and even throw online shopping parties with your friends. You can upload your items which you want to sell via computer or app. Once your item sells you will get shipping label which is already paid. You need to print the label and paste it over the package and ship. The product you will get 80% of what you have sold and they will keep 20% as commission.



If you want to sell your used Smartphone then you can sell it here. It lets you list your smartphone or tablet for sale with no seller fees. This website charges a free for buyers but it is free for sellers unless. You agree to accept payment from PayPal or subscribe to a paid listing. The smartphone is the expensive gadgets which we frequently change. So it is a better place to sell them without extra cost.



If fashion freak people get bored with the stuff they have. This website is a good platform to exchange the stuff. Which you got bored with the one you like. The procedure is very simple. You can list your used old clothes on the website. If they accept you will receive the payment in terms of credit which can be used on this website to buy the available stuff.



It is another platform to sell old clothes. It works on the entirely different concept. First of all, who want to sell their maternity, it is the best platform. You can order a bag which comes with a prepaid shipping and address. Then you need to fill the bag with your used stuff. The experts check your clothes and pay approximately 40% of the original value. If any of your clothes gets rejected you can get it reverse or donate it.  In the case of reverse shipping, you will need to bear charges.