Best Free Music Creation Software For Windows


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There are many websites and applications that claim to provide you with free music, most of them, unfortunately, lack genres and collections. Here is some amazing software available. To save your time we have shortlisted best free music software for Windows. We hope that you will find your suitable music creation software by the end of your read.




If you are looking for a multipurpose tool that is able of editing your audio tracks, then Audacity is just the right tool for you. This tool is professional and decent. This software available on all platforms. This software especially designs and comes with amazing features.

It is a free download. You can create your own music and easily add music, using sound effects in various songs. This software can be trusted to do straightforward editing, cut, copy, paste and to adjust the volume of the tracks.




Ardour is amazing software that comes with dozens of mind-blowing features. You can cut, delete, trim, move, crossfade, rename, snapshot, zoom, transpose, quantize, and much more in the same Window. Ardour lets you do the unlimited undo/redo options until you get your best. Its software is available for Mac, Windows, Linux. IT has a great feature.

Ardour is a very competent DAW in the open source world. With Ardour, you can pick your audio interface based on your needs and budget. There are no limits on the number of tracks, inserts, plugins, and sends.




Hydrogen is an advanced drum machine and one of the best free music creation software for Windows. It comes handy if you want to edit or create heavy-beat music like as drum, hip-hop, and bass.  The software is created with a simple and intuitive pattern-based drum programming that helps professionals to explore new ideas and their creativity. This software has awesome features.

You can play multiple patterns at once, which helps you to save some time for another masterpiece as well. It works on the sample-based stereo audio engine, which imports sound samples in a wav.




Giada is lightweight and powerful software. It has multi-thread support, sample-accurate looping system, and super-sleek interface. It is 100% free software without any limitation. Giada has an amazing minimalistic interface that can be used as best music making software for an expert or newbie. It has many features.

You can use it to load VST, read or write MIDI messages. The tool has the live quantizer, the action recorder and the action editor that make your life easier while creating music.




It is a free, cross-platform tool that can help you to create music. You don’t need to follow others as you can produce your unique taste by creating melodies and beats. The software allows you to produce and mix sounds in real time. This is best music creation software for windows user. Feature:

It helps you to import MIDI files and Hydrogen project files. You can build compressor, limiter, delay, reverb, EQ, bass-enhancer, and distortion. Here you can sequence, compose, mix and automate songs in one simple interface without any limitations.