Dark Web! Which You Never Find In Google!


Since people’s interest in rumors, conspiracy or exaggerated information is always high, in order to use this interest for business purposes, mainstream newspapers of different countries of the world have also printed the news about the true falsity on this topic. If you search on the internet or youtube, then it becomes difficult to find the true facts about false and overwhelming news. So, trying to give as much accurate information as possible in my affidavit, I will try to give some idea about the Internet today.

Internet Is The Information Sea

And as soon as the information comes, the information comes out easily. The information and the information about the security of the transporter. The idea of ​​finding information easily came from the idea of ​​a search engine. Some of the most famous search engines are Google, Yahoo, Bing, Dakadakgo, Baidu (China). They update all the Internet websites, their important information on their servers regularly, and a website builder can also help in this work. So, adding this information to the database of this search engine is a simple language indexing. And, the search engines themselves add more information to their database.

We Are Taking Google As An Example

When a site is added to Google, then if there is any other link on that site, it will also go to those links, from there to more links, so far as it goes, it adds to all its databases, mark dead links. In this way, Google’s database was growing. Finding this information as “crawling” call “crawling”. Google’s crawling bot call Googlebot, sometimes called Spider. In this way, the sites that are indexed in search engines are included in “Surface Web”. Wikipedia, youtube, various public forums, public web pages, everything is included in this Surface web. That is to say, most of our internet bases work on the Surface web.

But that’s not all. Actually, it’s nothing. Compared to the total volume of the Internet, this Surface web is not apart. Then the rest of the ninety-nine or more information where? It’s a dip, I mean Dip Web. As much as the information on the Internet is adding, the ratio of the Surface Web is also decreasing. So, to know about this Deep Web, we also get a little bit of dip, what do we say?

Never Seen Deep Web?

If you have Yahoo Mail or Gmail account, open it. Enter a username, password. Dr. You went to the Deep Web !! Hoped? It’s normal to be. The mysterious world of your Deep Web is not so simple! Actually, this is the simple Deep Web The search engines can not crawl the page or pages of the pages in search results, they are all included in this deep web. So, Yahoo’s or Gmail’s only front pages and such public pages index in search engines. And the rest of the millions of millions of mailboxes are deep web. Now understand why the Deep Web Surface is so bigger than the Web? Simply say.

Not included with a user name, password or special permission, or deliberately indexing search engines, all included in the Deep Web. So, what do you know about the deep web exciting, all of that is fake? No, it does not. There is a saying that is a bit common in the rote (which is not always right). This is the darkest of the work on the Dark Web, which is a small part of Deep Webb and more deep in privacy-related matters.

4) Many people combine the Deep Web and Dark Web, but these two are not the same at all. All of the Dark Web Deep Web includes, but Deep Web does not mean Dark Web. And the Dark Web is just one or more than the total size of Deep Web.

Dark Web is the sites that are deliberately hidden from the index options of search engines and are usually not browsed with Chrome, Firefox or similar browser, but rather a special browser. However, it is also possible to use some extensions and VPNs through normal browsers. Why not browse, it’s also not really difficult. Those websites that open for Dark Web, they register the sites “.onion” and under some such extensions (we use .com, .net, .org, ……) and these extensions have sites like Chrome or these traditional browsers Does not even get it.

As a result, these sites cannot be entered normally. The most famous and familiar browser used for this is the TOR browser, which means the Onion Router and the origin of .onion Extension. This software was created by the three employees of the American Navy, and their organization is very secretly communicating information among themselves.

So, what is the specialty of this software? If there are security threats and illegal activities, why is this browser not being banned or drop from the Internet?

Dark Web Comes For Security Reasons

Most of the internet users have probably heard the name of the Proxy / VPN words or at least the name, and have used it for different purposes. What do they do? These serve as a mid-IP between the user’s IP (Client IP) and the IP address of the server on which the information is being sent to the server. As a result, server-side IP seems to be coming from the request of the mid-IP. That means it’s hiding your identity in one step. As I write this post, I am using a two-level proxy. The VPN software installed on my computer is hiding the actual IP address of my Internet connection. And, the proxy extension installed on the browser adds another layer above the VPN given IP.

That means if you need to backtrack from the server-side. You will have to complete two steps to get the actual IP. TOR- does the same thing, but not one or two steps, but onion many layers, in this case, the mid-IP is a lot. That is to say, it reaches the receipt end through bouncing on many intermediate servers, and these intermediate steps can different each time. In the case of conventional proxy / VPN, it can possible to retrieve the actual user’s identity only if an intermediate IP track is a track, but due to TOR, the intermediate IP is too many, this backtrack becomes very difficult. As a result, both information and user identity are safe.

It may be necessary for many reasons. For example, detectives, government-private employees or general people, who want to share information among themselves, secretly. Then there are a human rights activist, Whistleblower (who leaks information about various sensibilities), social workers, political parties, or other groups, who want to open their activities publicly without bringing them publicly. There are many more like this. Any work is bad as well, here too many people are engaging in bad things using privacy. These bad deeds include the sale of legal drugs and arms, or any such legal business, child porn, child porn, and selling pirated books.

Many people have heard of Silk Road, which was an illegal business website. Money transactions in these activities are basically made through online virtual currency “bitcoins”, which do not have any public records like conventional currencies, so transactions cannot be tracked.

Illegal Things Cannot Be Caught

Hmm, can catch. Since there are so many types of sites on the Dark Web, the intelligence agencies have also been able to arrest the criminals in this place. As a result, there is a possibility that criminals can be caught if there is a minimum deficit in safety. For example, the founder of the SilkRoad website has been arrested long ago and in various cases including Money Laundering, he is currently serving a life sentence. For this reason, it is better not to browse the dark web strangers on the site unnecessarily.

If you browse, it will not be in danger. Rather, a detective who tries to track that site may also try to backtrack your identity from the “Why you are browsing the site” from this curriculum, which could lead to a small chance of being unnecessarily harassed. This is a possibility but there are also many sites on the Surface Web site. For example, best *** .com create a site name Jail that has been put in jail to create a site.

These Words Are Fake?

Well, these words are completely fake to dark web users, among which there is a general public to the highest level of government employees. They do it because they want you to be scared and do not bother them, there is a completely mysterious world of Dark Web. And, like this mysteriousness and human uncertainty interest, all the activities of the likes, shares, YouTube views, newspapers and newspapers are going on in full swing.

In 2014 a Red Hat user received a promotion through another web site, which he called the “Shadow Web” which later became known as live torture, murder, rape spot. But the whole thing was a make a story which can easily understand even if its writing is read. Assuming that people believe in this story, it is unbelievable. But the matter did not go very far, because there is no evidence available for this.

That does not mean that there is absolutely no possibility of killing your personal information when browsing the Dark Web. Computer passwords, personal information, and other things can be found on the internet by inserting spyware or malware on your computer while browsing the site. If you do not have antivirus / anti-malware installed on your computer, that is. There is not enough security against viruses or if you are not aware of these, then clicking on a link when browsing a site, your computer may enter the virus.

That is, the whole thing is happening due to your lack of awareness or ignorance. While browsing for everyday needs. You may have noticed this fact that when you enter some links, it shows the warnings from the browser. It may be due to inevitable certificates, because of the presence of spyware. Malware links You can avoid unwanted behavior if you maintain a fair level of caution. And, installing a VPN / proxy on the computer can keep your identity, if you want.

Those Regular Dark Web Users

In that case, there are many useful sites (such as pirated book sites) on the Dark Web. Which you can browse for your own needs. Use them if needed. Another common thing is that darknet site address is not easily available! If you have doubts, browse TOR by downloading itself. If you search the hidden wiki in the browser. A wiki page will appear where you get links to many darknet sites in the category.

The issue of dark netting sites is because many sites are open for illegal or personal reasons. So the website can suspend or link dead at any time. And, most of the things you get in darkness will also be found on the Surface Web. So, before looking at the darknets “Wah”, “Wow”, find out the same thing on the Surface Web site! In the 90 percent case, you will get the possibility.

Two Things Can Happen In The River Or Sea.

Internet is the information sea. You do not have to spend your money to learn how this sea can be used properly for your own needs. The vast majority of the database on the Surface Web. Is beyond the requirements of knowing or learning any information from birth to death. It is necessary to learn and to love, and a logical mind. Instead of trying to do this, if you drown under false information, it is not very logical to blame the internet!