The Bag Clean Dirty Clothes


When coming back from the gym, after the opening of the bag, one sweat sweaty clothes, and shoes. Again, restraining them again exercise! Almost everyone has experience with those who go to the gym. But Eichstadt has come up with new technology to change the experience. The news is mashable and digital trends.


Kickstarter technology that will come home for the welfare, the clothes inserted in the baggage will come clean in the house itself! Kickstarter’s new bag is a solution that comes with everyone. As well as cleaning this bag, it will clear everything that is inside it.

Ravid Yusuf, Assistant Designer of this technology, said, “The Paqsule bag will clear everything you keep in it. Using the ultraviolet-C and Ozone-3 technology, it will remove the garbage dirt. Along with this, you will add fragrance and remove harmful bacteria in the cloth and make the cloth clean. And this process will start only when you press a button outside the bag.

Use This Bag

This process is the chemical substance, the FDA approves the process. Yusuf said, everything will happen inside the packaging gum bag and it will happen naturally. First of all, it will kill the inner bacteria in the cloth. After pressing the button, the bag will fill with weight. All bacteria in contact with it will die. Ultraviolet-ray will work on a separate level and keep the clams safe from viruses and pathogens. The bag will take about 35 minutes to clean clothes once. In the meantime, the weight will be oxygen again by making your bag smelling.

Interestingly, the bag can remotely control the IOS and Android apps. Not only that, it will signal when the clothes are cleaned. The process that used to use in the air after the storm is mainly due to the smell. This bag is made using just some of the technology.

Founder speech

Yusuf also said, ‘I really want you to pack your bag when you need it, but your only Duffel bag. It is better to use a bag than to use a different bag in different cases. And our cleaning process is not just a gym but it also offers the opportunity to travel. Our bag includes USB charging system. Apart from this, more than 20 different features and many pockets. That is, our bag is made for anything