Famed Hacker Adrian Lamo Has Died At 37


Adrian Lamo Has Died:

Adrian Lamo is a famous hacker in the world. He has died at 37. His father name is Mario. His father posted a brief tribute to Adrian Lamo in a social media group on Friday. He wrote that with big sorrow and a sad heart he has to let know all of his friends and acquittances that his son is dead. A bright mind and kind soul is left. He was my dear son.

A 2nd family member, Andres, also write about Lamo’s death. He was at the heart of an FBI chase in 2003, where agents staked out his family’s house in Sacramento, California, for 5 days until Adrian turned himself in. Then He wants after using public network connections. To crush into corporate systems and sites.

The coroner for Sedgwick County, where Lamo lived, verified his death but gave no further details. However, the situation surrounding Lamo’s death not instantly know. A neighbor who got his body said he had been dead for some time. He is a Colombian-American hacker. He lives in Wichita, Kansas, 1st rose to notoriety in the early-2000s by hacking into systems at The Microsoft, New York Times, and Yahoo, which he was finally convicted for.

Adrian Lamo was more recently popularly known for his involvement in transferring data.  On whistleblower Chelsea Manning, a former United States Army soldier who befriended Adrian. In a web chat, Manning and Adrian Lamo discussing some data files. Manning said she downloaded and burned recorded data files to a disk.


However, Adrian with assistant from two friends in military intelligence notified the US military of the breach. Manning was later caught and punished for 35 years in jail. Her sentence is next exchange by President Barack Obama. Then Manning was released previous year. In a conversation, Lamo said his actions caused him “lasting regret” at The Guardian in 2011.