YouTube Improve Their Security In all Offices


YouTube Headquarters:

In the aftergrowth of the shooting at YouTube‘s headquarters in San Bruno, California yesterday. The company has declared plans to increment security at the whole of its offices worldwide. This is intentional to make them much secure not alone in the close term. No longer-term YouTube says. The move gleam a growing anxiety in Silicon delve that the effects of increasingly toxic. And partisan online conduct may translate into ferocious offline actions.

YouTube’s announcement was open on Twitter Google’s account for communications. It is not clear whether Google itself implementing stronger security measurement beyond YouTube. The brink has contacted Google for comment.

Nasim Aghdam:

The shooter, 39-year-old Nasim Aghdam of San Diego, died yesterday of a self-inflicted gunshot lesion after shooting and injuring three employees. From police reports, a witness from Aghdam’s family members. And a comprehensive search of the woman’s online behavior on YouTube and other stages. We now know that Aghdam was humorous over the demonetizing of her videos and damage to her monetary well-being.

She called the exercise censorship, saying in one video. There is no gratis speech in the tangible world. You will be suppressed for telling the reality that is not supported by the system. Aghdam was a vegan and animal rights activist. And nope of her videos engaged straight calls to violence.

Whatever, in the wake of the shooting, hardline alt-right members and conspiracy theorists, both. Which share a contempt for YouTube for its presume liberal bias. They have begun distillation wrong information about the shooter. And are even attempting to hail Aghdam as a free speech martyr. The hashtag #CensorshipKills has sprung up as a gathering ground for those who want to use Aghdam’s attack as a political tool in the fight against stage frugality and political cleanliness.


The YouTube announcement does not address any of these matters instead of focusing on the victims. The YouTube society, and what the company schemes. To do in the coming days to grant clench and enhance employee saving.