Facebook Collected Your Call History And SMS Data


Facebook Collected Your Data:

Facebook learned a lot about you, your dislikes and likes it’s no shock. But do you recognize, if you have installed Facebook and Messenger application on your Android phone, there is the possibility that the firm had been managing your SMS, contacts, and call history information at the minimum until late end 2017? Dylan McKay posts a tweet, a fresh Zealand based programmer, which got more than thirty-eight thousand retweets at the time of writing, showed how he got his year-old information.

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Including total records of incoming and outgoing calls, SMS messages and other data. He got this data in an archive. He downloaded that archive from Facebook as a ZIP file. The company was getting this information on its people from end some years. Which was even indicated earlier in media, but the story did not receive extremely attention at that time. Since the company had been engaging in discussions over its info sharing exercises after the Cambridge Analytica scandal last week. Tweets from McKay went viral and has now fired the never-ending privacy discussion. A company person described as nearly all social media sites have been designed to create it simpler for people. To connect with their family members and friends, the company also uploads its user’s contacts to deliver same.

Facebook and Google:

As Ars summarized, in older versions of Android when authorities were much less strict. The Facebook application took away contact deal at the time of installation that enables the company way to call and message information automatically. Finally, Google switched the way Android authorities managed in version 16 of its API. Presenting them more free and granular by informing people whenever any application tries to fulfill permissions. However, developers were ready to avoid this change. And the company continued accessing SMS and call information until Google deprecated version 4.0 of the Android API in October 2017.


Even you can monitor what information the social media has managed on you so far by going to your Facebook’s Settings. Then touch on Download a copy of your Facebook data the tap on Start My Archive. If you don’t want the company to store or continuously upload your connections to its server, you can turn off the continuous uploading setting in the Messenger application. This setting will also remove all your before uploaded connections.