Wars Between Telegram And Russia


Telegram Vs Russia:

A new chapter in the dispute between Telegram and Russia has just begun. Pawel Durow, the creator of the application, surely does not sleep well because of this. I, in turn, became even more realized that this messenger really values the privacy of its users. The new idea of ??the Russian authorities looks more or less like this Roskomnadzor the telecoms supervisory authority, weight contact and information technology narrated. That the Telegram operates opposite to Russian regulations and must change it sooner. That is, the Telegram must provide the Russians with encryption keys for all communication relayed by this messenger.

The official justification has not changed for various years terrorists use Telegram. Give us your encryption keys. Telegram’s juridical department’s reaction remains equally certain. Paweł Chikow, a company lawyer, commented on the new order of Rozkomnadzor as unfounded. In the lawyers’ language, it means I think it has put you down.

The Russian security:

The Russian security serving also cited the fact that encrypted communication through. Telegram is a matter of national safety. Durow, however, remained diamond. Besides watching this battle for various years. I have the impression that Russia treats the dispute with Telegram as a very personal matter.

Durow, instead of agreeing to cooperate with the Russian services, played a banquet. Oddał / find liberate (here the sentences are divided) his shares in VKontakte (such Russian Facebook, whose recent owners are good friends Vladimir Putin). And also escaped to the finish of the world. Buying the citizenship of the Federation Nevis and Saint Kitts. There he began to develop his safety communicator. Using Messenger, we even accede to write messages that we finally decided not to send.

The mobile Facebook client has, for example, entry to our list of images and contacts that we have not made publicly obtainable for various reasons. And yes, I know you can every day not use these applications.


In practice, Whatever, this is not so simple. I try to use substitute communicators as much as I can. In addition to Telegram, I also have Signal on my mobile and with someone, I can. I move from Messenger to one of these two stages. Not because I have something to hide. I simply standard my security highly.