Russia Orders Immediate Block Of Telegram App


Federal Security Service:

A Moscow court has called the Federal Security Service (FSB) as a third party in the case of whether famous internet messenger Telegram should be blocked. After the firm denial to hand over encryption keys to the authorities. The decision was to declare on Thursday after the Tagansky District Court held initial consultations over the lawsuit commenced before this month by the Russian state internet watchdog Roskomnadzor. The watchdog claimed that the court limit entry to whole websites and programs belonging to Telegram. After the FSB discovered that the messenger service was not seeing the Russian law that regulates data exchange among the security services and internet companies.

Russian Territory:

It could become this is not available on Russian territory as earlier on as this Friday. When the first hearing into the case will take a position. And although a perhaps ban could later lift if Telegram files a successful request. Telegram lawyers did not attend the initial consultations on Thursday. But the company’s founder, Pavel Durov, before tweeted a statement that threats would not task. And that the company would constantly advocate freedom and privacy.

Iran To Block Telegram Messaging App | Digital World Hub

At the similar time, specialists at the company explained that it was not possible to hand over encryption keys to clients messages. Because of the correspondence exchanged them straightly. In addition, Telegram representatives said that they considered the demand to provide the keys is not legal. Roskomnadzor suggested that Telegram was not completely honest in these statements. And also as some unnamed computer specialist suggested that it was still possible to give the security services. But some keys allowing secret messages to decode.

Iran To Block Telegram Messaging App | Digital World Hub


In July 2016, the FSB claimed that Telegram signs a document to hand over encryption keys. And that would give security agents entry to data exchanges on six types of telephone that used the messenger service. Telegram managers rejected to sign the paper and the FSB took the case to court. Which commands that the company be fined 800,000 rubles (about $14,000). Telegram replied with a counter-suit in which it tried to find the FSB order canceled over technical beadledom.