Black Shark Will Come On 13th Of This Month


Xiaomi’s powerful gaming phone ‘Black Shark’. China’s famous tech-maker Xiaomi is going to launch a brand new powerful phone. In the coming weeks, a gaming smartphone will tell you. It will be released in Beijing on 13th of this month. Model name ‘black shark’ The name implies the power of its power.

Black Shark

In China’s Social Media Weibo, however, no photos of this phone were leaked. But the black shark name is said to be Along with the release date also said Everyone is thinking that bringing new gaming devices will definitely give Xiaomi’s new investment something new. So the news of the release of Black Shark has become a cause of interest to Xiaomi’s fans.

There is a power key on the side being teased, but no volume rocker, so we are expecting the volume rocker to be on the opposite side of the device.

By contrast, we’ve seen many Chinese phone makers put the power key and volume buttons on the same side. The teaser translates to “Born to compete” and features a fencer with a saber splitting their face and the phone down the middle, which sets the tone well for a gaming smartphone.

Probable Specification

In a separate post, a tipster claims leaked design sketches of the upcoming gaming smartphone show it will use an ‘X antenna’ technology – something the company had teased itself back on April 1. The schematics (seen below) emphasize curved corners similar to the what we see in the official teaser, with GPS, Wi-Fi, LTE, and MIMO networks placed correspondingly across the four corners.

The phone is rumored to have a Snapdragon 845. It may come with between 6GB and 8GB of RAM. We’re hoping to see 256GB of internal storage pack away all those games. We are also expecting a display supporting 120Hz refresh rates and HDR support. Otherwise, we don’t know too much more about the device’s hardware itself. We can’t wait to hear more about this once April 13 rolls around.