Sri Lanka Blocks Social Media As Anti-Muslim Rioting Flares


Sri Lanka blocks social media:

Religious oppression flared afresh in the mountains of central Sri Lanka on Wednesday. Despite a reign of emergency, with Buddhist mobs widespread through towns and villages. They are firing Muslim houses and shops and leaving victims barricaded in mosques. The government of Sri Lanka requested favorite social media network Facebook blocked in an try to end the violence from increasing, and thousands of policemen and officers spread out over the lowest-hit areas.

The policemen also requested a curfew across many of the regions for a three day, working to quiet the condition. Ninety-plus of Muslim citizens of Mullegama, a village in the mountains, barricaded Muslims in a local mosque after Buddhist hit their houses Wednesday. Buddhist charge Muslim of taking the temple donation box. Minimum twenty Muslim houses appeared very damaged and burning engulfed one two-story house.

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The Muslims hiding in the mosque, talking on the situation of anonymity because of fear of reprisals, said policemen prevented them from protecting their resources and did nothing to stop the criminals.

One Buddhist man who was part of the crime died in a blast and another man was hurt, according to the men in the mosque. A local Buddhist man told the Muslims were applying improvised bombs, but the mosque men told they didn’t apply bombs.

The police told they can not quickly recognize what caused the blast or who was responsible.

Mullegama Piyaratana told the attacks on the Muslim houses took place after few people hit the temple. He would not recognize who hit the temple.


Muslims own various of the little businesses in Sri Lanka. A fact that many thinks have helped make them victims as Buddhist-Muslim relationships have worsened in current years amid the growth of hard-line Buddhist communities. Which blame Muslims of pushing people to transform and destroying holy Buddhist sites.

Area citizens told mobs swept through at least 2 towns in the middle mountains Wednesday. Hitting 2 mosques and a string of Muslim-owned stores and houses. An internet organization official, meanwhile, told the govt had commanded favorite social media networks blocked in cities near the violence. And decreased dramatically across the rest of the homeland. However, the official said the order was for Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram, and Viber.